Is book publicity worth it? We give you the pros and cons of hiring a book publicist versus doing it all yourself.

Is Book Marketing Worth the Expense?

It’s not uncommon that at Smith Publicity, we might be asked, “is book marketing worth the cost?” Over many years, our experience with thousands of books and authors is that yes, there is tangible value in book marketing. While we can offer many success stories and case studies, we understand that deciding to hire a […]

An author at a book signing event at a bookstore. Tips for getting bookstores to agree to a book signing event to help you sell books.

Celebrating National Library Week with Library Expert Shazia Zaman

To celebrate National Library Week, April 4-10, host Mike Onorato talks with  Shazia Zaman, an Adult Services Librarian about finding diverse author voices, how to work with librarians, and how to support your local library. Shazia Zaman is an Adult Services Librarian in NJ.  She has over a decade of experience working in Academic, and […]

A pile of books that were marketed by Smith Publicity.

Publishing a Book in 2021? Here are Your Options

by Brian Cliffen, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at FriesenPress While writing a marketable manuscript still requires countless hours of dedicated time spent in the chair, the path to getting that manuscript published has undergone massive changes in the last 12 years or so. Many factors are affecting this shift, but for our purposes here, we’ll focus […]

What do literary agents do? What are the ways that a literary agent works with book publicists such as Smith Publicity.

How a Literary Agent Can Help Set Your Book Apart

When an author sets out to write a book, there are many things they need to consider and avenues to choose from when it comes to almost every part of the process: writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and beyond. Two questions many authors ask themselves at some point is, do I need, or how to find […]

New Podcast Episode: Brian Jud Discusses Special & Bulk Book Sales & Marketing

Listen to “All Things Book Marketing” podcast host Miki Onorato speak with Brian Jud, author, book-marketing consultant, speaker, seminar leader and president of Premium Book Company discuss special sales, bookstore sales, bulk sales and how to get your book in front of key buyers. Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, speaker, seminar leader and […]

New “All Things Book Marketing” Podcast Episode: How an Author Successfuly Spearheaded Her Marketing

——- In this episode, we talk with author Farzana Doctor how she employed social media initiatives for her book launch, managed virtual book events and spearheaded her own marketing. We also discuss how authors can approach social media, best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Mike Onorato: ello, and welcome to another edition of the All […]

Get to Know… Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum – Senior Publicist and Director of Publicity Strategy 

It’s no secret that the public relations industry can be a grueling one. In fact, public relations execs are frequently included in lists of “most stressful jobs,” and for a good reason: deadlines, media relations, public interaction, and more can take their toll. One of the things that set Smith Publicity apart from other agencies […]

4 Common Book Marketing Mistakes Authors Make

Avoid Book Marketing Mistakes and Be More Successful Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. Getting it published is an even bigger achievement. It’s tempting to look at your pub date as the finish line, but consider this: did you write your book for it to exist, or do you want people actually to read […]

Portrait of author branding expert Jeniffer Thompson.

Author Branding is the Key to Successful Book Marketing

Personal Branding Strategies for Authors By Jeniffer Thompson, Monkey C Media  Personal branding is not a revolutionary concept, but it’s relatively new to authors. When done successfully, author branding will establish your authority, improve your online visibility, and solidify your reputation as a known quantity. Here’s a little secret, most entrepreneurs and authors promote their […]

5 Book Marketing Predictions for 2021

As we roll into 2021, hoping that the dark days of 2020 will be behind us soon, we’ve witnessed many changes affecting book marketing, some resulting from ongoing trends changing the media landscape and others a direct result of the pandemic. Here are some predictions for 2021 that directly affect book publicity: Podcasts will continue […]