Content Marketing: The Vehicle that Drives Book Sales and More

By Melanie Herschorn The not-so-secret step to getting your book into the hands of your ideal reader is to develop a content marketing plan that not only gets eyes on your book but also positions you as the go-to expert in your field. Why strive to become a thought leader? When you step into thought […]

Podcast Episode: How Authors Can Become In-Demand Speakers

Public Speaking for Authors with Renowned  Speaker and Trainer Michael Port Developing polished public speaking skills is a tremendous asset, given the central role authors play in book marketing and promotion. They can also help raise your personal visibility and potentially let you earn lucrative expert speaking fees. In this episode of Smith Publicity’s “All […]

Developing your author brand in 2022, a webinar on how to establish your author brand and come up with a book marketing strategy.

New Book Marketing Webinar Series from Smith Publicity

“Developing Your Author Brand” is the First on the 2022 Schedule We’re kicking off 2022 by announcing a six-session book marketing webinar series. It’s part of Smith Publicity’s commitment to making helpful book marketing services and publicity knowledge available online to authors, publishers, and others involved in our field. The webinars will be offered at […]

The Evolution of Self-Publishing: From Vanity Presses and Self-Publishers to Hybrid Publishing

Welcome to Smith Publicity’s Industry Innovations Series! In this new 12-part blog series, the team at Smith Publicity will explore a variety of industry-related topics: from the evolution of self-publishing to the explosion of podcasts, to social media and how it’s changed book marketing, and much more. Each month, we will discuss how different innovations […]

Tiffany Hawk, author coach.

Podcast Episode: Working With a Writing and Publishing Mentor

How Authors Can “Go Pro” – Writing Coach and Mentor Tiffany Hawk Tiffany Hawk is a traditionally published author and writing coach who helps aspiring writers “go pro” to become authors. Her clients have finished writing their books, landed agents, won awards, self-published their work, or become traditionally published authors with well-known New York City-based […]

How to Get Your Self-Published Book onto Bookstore Shelves

By FriesenPress Nestling your book in its own little spot on the shelf of your favorite bookstore is the dream of so many authors. Not only do you get to finally see your very own book out in the world, but those bookstores will also be your gateway to more book sales. Of course, earning […]

Pete McCarthy, book promotion and marketing services.

Podcast Episode: How to Use Data to Promote Books

Data-Informed Book Promotion with Pete McCarthy Pete McCarthy is a renowned and widely respected publishing industry thought leader with expertise in software and services that help publishers reach consumers. In this “All Things Book Marketing” podcast interview with Dan Smith, he explains sophisticated data-informed elements of book promotion many might not yet consider. Topics covered […]

Long-Term Success: The Enduring Impact of a Book Marketing Campaign

Book Marketing Can Lead to Ongoing Publicity Opportunities There’s no question that things can move very quickly during an active book publicity and marketing campaign. Especially surrounding the launch date of a new book, there is typically a flurry of activity, and authors can expect to be kept quite busy for the duration of their […]

Authors: Grow Your Brand, Audience, Expert Reputation and Sell Books With Podcast Interviews

As an author, you pour yourself into the stories and lessons you share with others. You have invested countless hours into your creation. Your book is soon to published, and you are ready to celebrate.

Beth Noymer Levine, author promotion and public speaking coach.

Podcast Episode: How to Do Better in Interviews and Speeches

Convey Your Message Like a Pro to Media and Audiences with Beth Noymer Levine Being ready for the media and audiences is one of the most valuable skills for authors. It’s why Beth Noymer Levine of SmartMouth Communications is in demand for speaker coaching and presentation skills training for authors in many genres. As you […]