Anna LeBaron speaks on Smith Publicity “All Things Book Marketing” podcast

All Things Book Marketing Podcast – How Authors Can Effectively Use Social Media

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, we talk with strategist and author Anna LeBaron, who began launching books in 2015, about how authors should use social media to drive book sales, how to find their authentic voice and what to do about negative reviews. Anna LeBaron began launching books when she […]

Does Smith Publicity Still Count on Book Reviews in Marketing Campaigns?

The answer to the question as to whether Smith Publicity still counts on book reviews as part of book marketing campaigns is … it depends. The book review landscape has changed dramatically in the past ten years. With many newspapers and magazines closing and others trimming staff, book reviews have largely moved to the Internet.

A pile of books that were marketed by Smith Publicity.

Supporting Black Voices in the Publishing Industry

Photo Credit: Jane Mount= Smith Publicity stands firmly against racism, oppression, and violence. We acknowledge that there has been a long history of racism and inequality in this country and within the publishing industry that has and continues to cause great pain. We are committed to doing our part towards a more inclusive community that […]

John King, host of the popular creative writing podcast, “The Drunken Odyssey.”

Working with Podcasts to Promote Your Book

In this episode, we talk with John King, host of the popular creative writing podcast, “The Drunken Odyssey.” John and I discuss how he selects his guests, what he looks for in a book to feature on his show, and what authors should know about how podcasts are produced. TRANSCRIPT: Mike Onorato: Hello, and welcome […]

A stacked and colorful bookshelf serves as a perfect backdrop for your photos. People will instantly identify and recognize your post when they see your bookshelf behind it–and the envy will ensue

5 Instagram Trends to Try for Book Publicity and Marketing

New Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Book by Lindsey Brodowski Instagram provides authors a way to connect with followers and fans with just a double-tap on their phone screens. What catches users’ attention the most on the fastest-growing, photo-sharing social media platform are the designs of staged photos. The brand aesthetic you create […]

On-air tips for authors to help them prepare for radio interviews.

10 Virtual Media Interview Tips for Authors and Thought-Leaders

10 Ways to Do Your Best in Virtual Media Interviews Though the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly prompted many changes in how we communicate and conduct book publicity campaigns, virtual media interviews were happening long before stay-at-home orders forced TV studios to adapt. Replacing the old studio remote interview, we increasingly saw foreign news correspondents reporting […]

A Conversation About How Authors Can Pivot and the "New New Normal"

New Podcast: How Authors Can Pivot to the “New New Normal”

In this episode, we talk to Smith Publicity Vice President Marissa Eigenbrood about what authors can do to pivot in the “new new normal,” tips they can do right now to engage with their network, and the big question: should they delay publication of their books. The Smith Publicity ‘All Things Book Marketing’ podcast explores […]

Ensure Your Website is Getting the Traffic You Want

Tips to Ensure Your Author Website Draws the Traffic You Want

How to Have a High(er) Traffic Author Website by Jeniffer Thompson, Monkey C Media When was the last time you checked into the state of your WordPress website? In the last six months, new tools have been added, design trends are changing, and there are probably some things that could use some sprucing up to […]

Virtual book promotion example on facebook live by author Ramsey Campbell whose book was published on Flame Tree Press. How to promote a book virtually.

How COVID-19 Impacted Book Promotion Methods

Going Virtual for Book Promotion Was Required A book is so many things to an author; perhaps above all, it’s a tangible dream—one that likely took years of dedication to come to fruition. Now that your book is finally finished and ready to launch, you face the unprecedented circumstances of our world today as the […]

5 Interesting Facts About … Michela Della-Monica

Last month we launched a new blog series designed to share more about individual members of our team at Smith Publicity. We are very proud to have a staff of professionals with diverse backgrounds in public relations, the media, and the publishing industry. Our individual experiences and talents contribute to our overall success as a […]