Hiring a Book Publicist is Scary, But You Probably Still Need One

How Much Does Book Publicity Cost?

Professional Book Publicity Helps Authors Break Through If you’ve been asking yourself how much does book publicity cost? The answer is it varies. But leading book publicists like Smith Publicity have plans available at many budget levels, even small ones. Therefore, it’s worth investigating for everyone. Every title can benefit from being publicized and promoted, […]

3 New Book Promotion Tips (Crush the competition!)

Additional ways to promote your book.

Ready for Digital Domination? Marketing Tactics to Drive Attention to Your eBook

Trending print reports shows this is the best time to market your eBook. Today’s consumers have come to expect convenience and options in every facet of their lives. So it’s not surprising that they’re looking for the same when it comes to reading. While print book sales are seeing a bit of a resurgence, increasing […]

A Thank You to Some Recent Smith Publicity Clients!

We always appreciate our clients expressing their thoughts on their experience with Smith Publicity. Our book marketing campaigns produce outstanding results the vast majority of the time, and our clients know it’s due to hard work and a genuine passion for making good things happen. Here’s a shout out and thank you to some recent […]

3 Platform-Building Book Marketing tactics

Develop Your Book Marketing & Publicity Plan:     It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that writing a book is no longer newsworthy. Thousands of new books release each week and now, more than ever before, it’s crucial that authors establish their book publicity platform and set a clear path to marketing their […]

3 Ways to Promote Your Children’s Book and Crush the Competition

Finding the right media platform to tell your book’s story is an important part of getting the word out. In the YA and children’s book space, it’s all about blogs. This influential community of media are vital in YA book promotion and can help spread the word to both mass and niche audiences. But just […]

Great Book Marketing Depends on Information from Authors

Smith Publicity asks authors to complete a questionnaire prior to the start of a book marketing campaign. Many of the questions help authors clarify their goals and prompt them to think about aspects of book marketing they might otherwise not consider. In an effort to help all authors in their book marketing, here are some […]

Book advertising can be a lot more expensive than book publicity. We list the differences between book marketing, advertising and publicity

Understanding Book Marketing and Advertising: Credibility vs. Control

Book marketing and publicity is sometimes confused with advertising. The short answer is that publicity is earned coverage and advertising is paid coverage. Book publicity and advertising are both tools to create awareness about a book and author. Most of us know about advertising because we see or hear it everywhere: TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines and […]

Using Social Media to Augment Book Marketing Campaigns

Social media is everywhere and has affected virtually every industry. From advertising and branding to consumer reviews and viral videos, the impact of social media can’t be overstated. It’s no different with book marketing. Authors are all over platforms; from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn. Some experts tell authors social media is for […]

Tarvin, book cover with title and subtitle

Write Great Subtitles to Boost Book Promotion

Why Writing Book Subtitles Can Help Promotion Subtitles beneath your book title can improve sales Subtitles are essential to book promotion for nonfiction books. Therefore, it’s vital to write them well. Before we get into tips for writing subtitles, it’s important to note that many authors agonize over main titles for their books. Some even […]