Smith Publicity’s Strategic Book Promotion for E-Books

There is no doubt about it: e-books are here to stay and steadily increasing as a percentage of all book sales. As early as 2011, e-books were surging in popularity, thanks in large part to Kindle, surpassing hardcover books and paperbacks to become the dominant format for adult fiction. 

When it comes to ebook marketing, ebook promotion services and self-published book marketing, it’s all about “discoverability” – the process of making consumers aware of your e-book and then compelled to purchase it. In the various e-book discovery channels, book buyers are overwhelmed by choices. Innovative promotional programs from Amazon, Kindle and others are empowering authors with ebook marketing tools to quickly spread the word about an e-book. For comprehensive ebook marketing, traditional book publicity and book promotion, however, still remain key.

Persuading an influential blogger to review your e-book and post it on Goodreads, as one example, can kick-start promotion and sometimes result in tens of thousands of e-book sales. Even a negative review from a prominent blogger can cause huge sales! Likewise, an article in a major newspaper or magazine, or an interview on radio and TV can drive many e-book readers and book buyers to your website or online bookselling sites.

Certain facts about e-books make them particularly well-suited to ebook marketing and publicity:

  • E-book readers go back and buy more books at a higher rate than print book buyers. This is especially important if you have a series of books.
  • Digitally-savvy e-book readers are more likely to make book recommendations to others via blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • The expanding array of e-book reading devices is spawning more and more e-book readers, and the technology is constantly improving. Learn about Amazon ebook marketing, Amazon book optimization and promotional services.
  • While fiction remains the most common genre of purchased e-books; business, self-help, cooking and even coffee table e-book sales are rapidly increasing. More and more authors of various genres are turning to Kindle pricing strategies as a starting point for promotion. To learn more about fiction book publicity and marketing, click here.

Smith Publicity is perfectly suited to employ e-book marketing tactics and book promotion services to potentially move your e-book from unknown to bestseller!

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