Comprehensive Fiction Book Marketing with Smith Publicity

Maureen Connoly used our fiction book marketing services to promote her novel, Little Lovely Things. “I highly recommend Smith Publicity, to anyone seeking to promote their book. Having gone through the cycle of launch and release of my debut novel, I can say that I have been thrilled with their services, and that Smith far exceeded my expectations … Without hesitation, my next book will be placed in their competent hands as soon as it is ready.”

Maureen Connolly, author of Little Lovely Things

Smith Publicity book marketing services for novels are unique in the industry. For over 25 years we’ve developed our own tactics and methods that get fiction authors and their books the attention they need and deserve.

Our service offerings are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of novelists and include:

  • Consultation services including platform development, author brand enhancement, publishing options, and marketing plan development
  • Amazon, NetGalley, and Goodreads optimization consulting to ensure your book has maximum discoverability
  • Comprehensive publicity media outreach campaigns to secure maximum coverage such as reviews, author profiles, Q & As, etc.
  • Pitching to non-media targets such as influential bloggers and influencers
  • Book signing promotion
  • Blog tours

Our fiction book marketing campaigns are based on strategic creativity. No two novelists have the same goals and every book is unique in terms of what media is targeted. We set reasonable objectives and discuss author expectations to ensure your publicity team and you are precisely aligned as campaigns unfold. We help reach book buyers by using the media and non-media targets as the conduit to spread the word about a novel.

Effective novel marketing for fiction books is centered around discovery. How readers discover new fiction books and eBooks is continually evolving, and the competition is fierce. Discoverability is about getting your work in front of the right people by making the book easy to discover. In addition, because most fiction authors write more than one book, special focus is put on developing or enhancing author brands.

How to Market a Fiction Book | Taking on the Competition

Our fiction book marketing services are carried out by seasoned professionals who have the contacts and expertise to give an author and book the best possible chance for success. For example, we reach out to an established network of media contacts and book bloggers with pitches and information that is meaningful to them. Exact outcomes aren’t guaranteed because every book and author is different, but our programs are designed to do everything possible to make a book stand out from the crowd.

Too many authors believe that if their book is listed on Amazon, readers will find it and buy it. This “build it and they will come” philosophy virtually guarantees dismal sales. Consider the hundreds of thousands of new novels published every year – both traditional and self-published. To succeed, you need professional help – the kind Smith Publicity has been providing for over two decades.

The Best Multi-Faceted Fiction Book Marketing Programs

An important part of our job is getting to know you and your book. Our initial onboarding process with new clients includes extensive information gathering and strategy development. Because we’ve handled more than 4,000 books and authors, our experience is unmatched in the marketplace. Every campaign is customized and unique and based on real-world experience with fiction books in every sub-genre.

Coverage and Exposure

  • National/regional/local print and online publications
  • Long-lead pitching to consumer and trade magazines
  • If a novel is based on real-life topics in which an author has some expertise, radio, TV, and podcast interviews
  • Influential book bloggers and bookstagrammers

Consultation Services

  • Maximizing Goodreads presence
  • Amazon optimization
  • Website review and analysis
  • Effective social media tactics
  • Book award entries

A Strategic Novel Marketing Build-Up Can Help

When marketing books, keep in mind that the process is progressive. It means smaller things lead to bigger things with media and digital visibility. An article in a local newspaper and its online edition can spark regional coverage, which in turn leads to national media interest. Likewise, a kind word from an influential online reviewer or book blogger can bring the attention of many others. It’s a worthy goal to aim for the largest and most influential mass media coverage, but never to the extent that smaller outlets are overlooked, especially in the beginning.

The best fiction book marketing programs require a varied and sustained approach. The media and digital worlds change and evolve each day, and every book and author is unique. No matter whether or not you’re trying to do it yourself or plan to work with an expert book marketing agency like Smith Publicity, you’ll need a well-rounded program. Today it’s tougher than it’s ever been to market a fiction book, but at the same time, there are many more options and tools authors can use. If you’re ready to discuss your needs, we hope you’ll reach out to us today. We’re prepared to help.

Comprehensive Fiction Book Marketing with Smith Publicity. Novel marketing services for fiction book publicity.