In Their Own Words … What Clients Say About Smith Publicity

It’s one thing for a company to say it’s outstanding at what it does, but when clients say it … you can be assured it’s true. Smith Publicity prides itself on personalized client service, and we find ways to genuinely connect with our clients. Business doesn’t have to be just about someone hiring a company to do something, it can also be about authentic relationships with clients. This approach is one of the many reasons so many authors take the time to write about their experience with us. Below you can click on genre categories to read testimonials from some of our past and current clients. There’s a lot to read, so scroll through and find authors with books similar to yours, or read them all!

Smith Publicity ROCKS! They are professional, prompt and know how to get your name out there. I am now a ‘known’ expert in my field. Smith Publicity gets results!
Never in a million years could I have imagined working with such an incredible team, the book was featured on dozens of sites, discussed on many, many radio shows …

Business Testimonials

Our series was featured in media outlets like The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Parents Magazine, People magazine, and The Wall Street Journal

Children and Young Adult Testimonials

I was very impressed by how vested my publicists were in the success of my first book. They believed in my project from the beginning …

Cookbook Testimonials

As a first-time author, I was astonished at the number of interviews — TV, Radio, Print — my publicists lined up …

Fiction Testimonials

It is one thing to write a book. It is another thing to wade into the unfamiliar waters of publicity. The team at Smith Publicity made it easy …

Lifestyle Testimonials

It was amazing to watch the book sales rise with the number of media appearances …

Non-Fiction Testimonials

When I first met with Dan Smith and his staff, I knew without doubt it was their compassion for my project and dedication to my cause that made them the PR Company I was blessed to have found…

Public Relations Testimonials

Smith Publicity was largely responsible for our sold-out edition …

Publisher Testimonials

Our book sold through the roof – we did a second printing, and it stayed in the top five of all of the book’s we have published.

Religious and Spiritual Testimonials

Working with Smith Publicity was the best decision I made. You can tell when you’re in the hands of professionals. My publicist was the Tom Brady of the media world …

Self-Help and Health Testimonials

After resisting for years, I finally shuffled to the edge of the social media pool. Smith Publicity wrapped me in a life preserver, handed me a brightly colored swim noodle, and then pushed me confidently into the deep end.

Social Media Testimonials

Testimonials and Reviews of Smith Publicity. Team photo at our Cherry Hill NJ office.In the many hundreds of testimonials, you’ll read what authors from various genres experienced with Smith Publicity. We understand that promoting a book effectively varies by genre. Marketing fiction, for example, is significantly different than marketing non-fiction, with different strategies, tactics and media targeting.

Customized, Genre-Specific Campaigns

Even within genres, our approaches vary. Self-help, business, lifestyle and other non-fiction sub-genres also require customized campaigns, with differences in pitching style, follow-up processes and media lead times. For every genre we promote, however, our creativity, determination, positivity and outright hard work is what sets Smith Publicity apart from other book marketing firms.