Antoinette and the Story of the Invisible Giraffes

I can’t thank Lydia and the team at Smith enough for their partnership and for taking my Antoinette series this far. I’m in a complete dream-come-true daze from it all and feel so lucky to have come all this way. What a great experience this has been and I can’t wait to do this again!

Alison McGregor, author of Antoinette and the Story of the Invisible Giraffes

Having always been moved by the power of storytelling, Alison became interested in recording her family’s history. To her wonderful discovery, she found she was related to war heroes, world travelers, scientists, and mischief seekers. Alison now lives with her own family in Innisfil, Ontario where she keeps her children entertained by telling them of their Granny Antoinette’s adventures growing up all over the world.

Very Christmas

What was it like to work with Smith Publicity?

I have been asked that question many times. My answer always begins with a smile. Fellow writers and aspiring authors are hoping to hear this: “It was great. I just sat back, put my feet up, and watched sales spike, and then offers started to pour in!”

The truth is, the experience was great. Sales did spike and offers did begin to pour in. However, there was no sitting back. I worked hard. That was the deal. This is not a passive relationship. Encouragement, motivation, competition, and teamwork are universal tools used to enhance success. Smith Publicity understands these principles well. Paired with a dedicated, experienced publicist you will develop a plan, define goals for your campaign, and set realistic expectations. During weekly calls with your publicist it’s time for show and tell. In every call, my publicist had lots to tell me.

My book was recommended in gift guides. My book was featured in multiple, relevant blogs. Then it was my turn. I booked a school visit. I placed my book in two more retail locations. There was synergy. We discussed what was working and what wasn’t. The calls kept us on course. Together, we exceeded the goals set for my book. There were radio interviews, countless appearances, sponsorships and more.

I learned so much from the team at Smith Publicity. The chance to work with them was both personally and professionally fulfilling. My publicist’s advice and guidance throughout the campaign was priceless. Her genuine enthusiasm and determination are qualities that are rare in our tired world of multi-taskers. In a short time, she succeeded gaining exposure for my book in ways I never thought possible. She encouraged me to write articles, take radio interviews and more. I have more bricks to build on. Promoting a book takes time. The time with Smith Publicity was time well spent.

Simone Mets, author of Very Christmas

Simone Mets has spent her life connecting with others, whether locally or abroad, and always has her eyes peeled for opportunities to give back. Her ingenuity has served her well in her professional life as an attorney and event producer, and shines throughout her first book, Very Christmas. She is a passionate volunteer, a mentor, and an active member of SCBWI. Mets lives in Princeton, New Jersey with her husband and two shorthaired ginger tabbies.


Good Dogs, Great Listeners - The Story of Charlotte, Lily and the Litter; The Dogs of Newtown

We approached Smith Publicity about promoting our children’s book written about our daughter, Charlotte, with caution. Our family had suffered the overwhelming loss of our daughter in a national tragedy. We had learned to be careful of who we allowed to share our story, and after emails and phone conversations, we requested a personal visit with the Smith team. They graciously cleared a morning for us to meet not just the team that would be assigned to our account, but anyone who might lift even one finger to assist in promoting our books and foundation. We signed on for a four-month campaign and the professional care they exhibited and personal compassion extended will never be forgotten. And on top of it, the results were phenomenal! Our projects will likely need additional publicity in the future, and it is with complete confidence that I can say that we will look no further than Smith Publicity.

JoAnn, Joel, and Guy Bacon, author of Good Dogs, Great Listeners - The Story of Charlotte, Lily and the Litter; The Dogs of Newtown

Joel, JoAnn and Guy Bacon are the parents and brother of Charlotte Bacon, who died as a result of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Charlotte was just 6 years old but left a bold impression on everyone she met. The Bacon family has founded and developed a number of projects to honor their spirited Charlotte, share her joy and beauty, and advocate for what has helped them most as they grieve.

Both books, Good Dogs, Great Listeners and The Dogs of Newtown, are able to stand alone, but are also used as tools for the Charlotte’s Litter Program. Charlotte Bacon’s bold story, the things she loved, and the Bacon family’s own grief process have contributed to a brand that is unique to their family.

The Bacon family lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. They will always be a family of four.

The Secret Forest

What a pleasure it has been to have Smith Publicity working as our publicist. We expected good things with your firm but what we received was nothing short of phenomenal. AnnMarie and the entire team put hard work and a finely focused effort into our project that was much more than we expected. AnnMarie saw publicity angles that we hadn’t considered. She knew the perfect direction for our book to take and away we went. Her sheer brilliance in her approach was surprising and working with her and the entire team at Smith Publicity was a very enjoyable experience. Of course we expected coverage, however, to find our book in an International Magazine covering all the major cities throughout the world was quite a nice surprise and no small feat to be sure. The exposure that AnnMarie gained for us and our book is simply priceless. We are now working on the second book in the series and once complete, we will certainly be working with Smith Publicity again and asking for AnnMarie by name. Our books tagline is, “It’s a Fun and Adventurous Day!” and AnnMarie made it just that.

Earl Wayne, author of The Secret Forest

Earl Wayne is a Ph.D. graduate that lives with his wife of over 23 years in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. Writing, recording and publishing his work from his home studio, Earl Wayne’s writing accomplishments include several published songs, articles, how to manuals, videos and The Secret Forest.

Starley's Rust

Working with Smith Publicity has been a rewarding and educational experience from day one! As an author, it’s great to genuinely feel like you have professional partners who are going out to bat for you every day, with your long-term success as the goal that guides their strategies and activities.

JB Dutton, author of Starley's Rust

After graduating from film school in London, England, JB Dutton emigrated to Montreal, where he still lives with his two young children and their even younger goldfish. He spent over a decade as a music TV director before moving into the advertising industry as an award-winning copywriter for clients such as Cirque du Soleil. JB has written novels, short stories, blogs, screenplays and a stage play, and is the author of trilogy of Young Adult novels.

Underdog, the second book in the Viola Vincent Reporting Series

I used Smith to run a campaign in the U.S. and U.K. on my children’s novel. From my first contact I found Smith to be a very professional organization. They showed genuine enthusiasm for my book and I was allocated a publicist who had an interest in the subject matter. My publicist was very polite and professional and she was totally her word. When she said something she would do it. When she said she would call, she did – on the dot. Apart from my publicist’s considerable efforts, I appreciated the feeling of having the Smith team as back up.

Anna Kenna, author of Underdog, the second book in the Viola Vincent Reporting Series

Kenna is a former investigative journalist living in New Zealand and has worked for newspapers, radio and TV and won numerous awards. Now writing children’s books, her stories and books are used in classrooms around the world.


The Magi Menagerie

It was such an honor working with the team at Smith Publicity. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to make these opportunities come alive!

Kale Lawrence, author of The Magi Menagerie

Since the early age of 6, Kale either wanted to be an astronaut or an author. Obviously, the astronaut gig didn’t work out, so instead, he turned to fantastic fictional worlds. When not writing creatively, he works as a Marketing Manager at a pet product company. He also serves as a board member for the South Dakota Writes organization. In addition to books, his writing has been featured on nationwide PBS television programming, NBC newscasts, ABC newscasts, and the Travel Channel.

I Miss You Most

I could not have asked for a better publicity team! The outreach and response to my children’s book far exceeded my expectations. The team was knowledgeable, efficient, professional, full of creative ideas, and fun to work with. I look forward to working with the Smith Publicity team again in the future!

Cassandra Hoyt, author of I Miss You Most

Cassie Hoyt is a children’s author and perfusionist. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two sons. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family. Inspiration for her books typically comes from her silly boys or fond memories of her childhood.

The Not-So-Friendly Friend, Book 1 in the Capable Kiddos Series

As a debut children’s picture book author, I knew I wanted to hire a PR company to help get the word out there. What was really important to me was feeling like my publicist believed in my book and mission as much as I did, and with Corinne Moulder and Courtney Link at Smith Publicity, I got that and more. Courtney was my main publicist and she made me feel so comfortable in this world that I really knew nothing about. Her positive energy, enthusiasm, expertise, and guidance were exactly what I needed. I loved knowing my campaign was in such capable and connected hands, and it was so fun to rejoice along with Courtney at the triumphs we experienced in print, online, news affiliates, and social media. My book did so well that the publisher actually sold out of the initial print run of 8,000 copies in the first two months! I highly recommend Smith Publicity and Courtney Link!!”

Christina Furnival, author of The Not-So-Friendly Friend, Book 1 in the Capable Kiddos Series

Christina Furnival is a mom, licensed psychotherapist, and children’s book author of The Not-So-Friendly Friend and Fear Not from the Capable Kiddos book series.

The Boy Who Wanted to Rock

Working with Smith was an absolute joy! Their expert publicists helped create a highly effective campaign for the release of my children’s picture book, The Boy Who Wanted to Rock. Not only did they help me reach specific goals, like being featured in The Boston Globe and on NPR, but they also gently steered me, a PR novice, toward wanting the right things.

From start to finish the Smith team provided more than just expertise and professionalism; they also conveyed a sense of confidence and calm that allowed me to be at my best throughout the entire process. They treated me like a rock star, and like an old friend.

For a first-time independently published author like myself, hiring Smith was a wise investment and a great value. Although our eight-week campaign ended months ago, they continue to field any responses that come in from pitches that went out during our time together.

I give them my strongest possible endorsement.

Media highlights:
The Boston Globe, NPR, The Good Men Project, The Morning Blend (Las Vegas), NBC Miami, Story Monsters Ink, Ages of Rock podcast, Motherhood Moment, The Momma Spot.


David Weiser, author of The Boy Who Wanted to Rock

David Weiser has worked as a keyboard programmer with numerous Broadway, West End, touring and televised musicals, including NBC’s 2018 Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Les Misérables. His credits also include work with artists like David Bowie, The Who, and Brian Wilson. David lives outside of Boston with his wife, son, and a few goblins hanging about in the basement.

The Life Heroic: How To Unleash Your Most Amazing Self

My publicist and I clicked right from the start of my campaign for The Life Heroic, and I could tell that she and I were on the same page about the right markets to target. She generated media interest for my book in ways I couldn’t have done myself, tapping into her huge list of contacts in TV, radio, online, and more. And I can tell this was only the beginning–the interest continued to roll in after the official close of the campaign. Thank you, Smith Publicity, for giving The Life Heroic a major boost!

Elizabeth Svoboda, author of The Life Heroic: How To Unleash Your Most Amazing Self

Welcome to the Slipstream

I had the pleasure of working with Smith Publicity on my debut book.  I didn’t know what to expect from this experience–and, predictably, I was extremely anxious. My publicist addressed so many of my concerns with kindness, and her exciting and creative plan for launching the book exceeded all of my expectations. She was gracious, reassuring, and knowledgeable every step of the way on a very nerve-wracking journey. I’m so grateful for her expertise, overall thoughtfulness, and friendship.

Natalka Burian, author of Welcome to the Slipstream

Natalka Burian received an MA at Columbia University, and completed workshops at Sackett Street and Catapult Books. She is the co-owner of the bar Ramona in Brooklyn. Welcome to the Slipstream is her first novel.

Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps

Smith Publicity identified my marketing blind spots and got my book in front of outlets that I would have never dreamed of approaching otherwise. As a result, Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps has been featured in print, web, podcast, and radio campaigns across the United States. The campaign is still paying dividends after the end date, despite only signing up for a four-week run. My publicist was professional, efficient, and devoted to obtaining results. She covered a lot of ground in only four weeks and her communication and follow through skills were always on point. I will definitely be using Smith Publicity again for my next book release.



A.J. Massey, author of Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps

A.J. Massey writes thrilling fantasy novels for young teens and adults. His first book, Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps, blends shared dream worlds and middle school and was influenced by his favorite childhood movies of the 80s, Labyrinth and The Neverending Story. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife, Katie, and pet dragonwoof, Abby.

The Field

I am truly grateful for all your hard work. I never even imagined that my novel would get out to so many people and I would be featured on the front page of my home town newspaper! Thank you for all you have done to get the word out about my novel.

Ian Dawson, author of The Field

Ian Dawson started writing when he was a child writing puppet shows to perform for his friends and family, then started writing and drawing comic strips as well.  He went on to earn a BA in Dramatic Art at UC Davis and a Masters in Screenwriting at Cal State Northridge.  Ian has written educational/training videos for American Eagle Outfitters and Ralphs Grocery Company. He loves writing comedy and making others laugh.

Prometheus Project series (science fiction for middle grade readers)

Thank you Smith Publicity for your  excellent work on my behalf.  I couldn’t have been more impressed with my publicist. He was responsive, hard working, creative, a good writer, and a great guy.  He was truly a pleasure to work with at every step. I will definitely be recommending Smith Publicity to others.

Doug Richards, author of Prometheus Project series (science fiction for middle grade readers)

Richards is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and frequent contributor to National Geographic KIDS magazine. His PROMETHEUS PROJECT series is used as a read-aloud in classrooms across the country, has been endorsed by the California Department of Education, acclaimed by the iconic science fiction magazine, Asimov’s, and received  praise from kids (both reluctant and advanced readers), parents and educators alike in numerous publications.

Ava and Pip

It’s hard to get noticed in this noisy world. Smith Publicity made it easier. Ava and Pip was the first novel in a new series. I wanted to do what I could to make my book visible. As soon as I met my publicist I knew I was in good hands. She was very professional and personable, and I really appreciated how hard she worked to get media people to care about my made-up fifth grader. She sent the book out to lots of librarians who provided many positive reviews. She also got me on many, many radio shows, from Alaska to Florida, and on one TV show in Connecticut.

Carol Weston, author of Ava and Pip

Carol Weston is an award-winning author, advice columnist and interviewee extraordinaire. A summa cum laude Yale graduate, she earned her M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury, and has been a guest on many national TV shows including Today, Oprah, and The View. Weston and her husband have two grown daughters and live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Ava and Taco Cat, the follow-up to Ava and Pip, will come out in April 2015 (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky).

Teddy Tries a Veggie

I worked with Smith Publicity to publicize my first e-book in the “Smartee Plate” series, Teddy Tries a Veggie. My publicist was wonderful! She was very professional, responsive, enthusiastic, and supportive. I enjoyed working with Smith and I’m looking forward to working with them again on my second e-book!

Jennifer Glockner, author of Teddy Tries a Veggie

Jennifer Glockner is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and an extensive science background. She continues her education enthusiastically and completed a Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Program.

We asked Smith Publicity to get the word out on a high-concept board book series for children and adults alike: word primers that retell literary classics in twelve words and twelve needle-felted illustrations. Our publicist got our idea from the start and knew exactly where to go to maximize the crossover appeal of our books. As a result, our series Cozy Classics has been featured in media outlets like The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Parents Magazine, People Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal–exposure that went well beyond our expectations. Our publicist wasn’t just a consummate pro–she was a dynamo. Smith Publicity helped us take the world of children’s lit by storm!

Holman & Jack Wang, Publishers, Cozy Classics

Holman and Jack Wang are the twin brothers behind Cozy Classics, a new series of baby board books that retell the world’s most beloved literary works in just 12 simple, baby-friendly words per title. Featuring stunning needle-felted illustrations and designed as developmentally appropriate abridgements for the very youngest of learners, the Cozy Classics books have been deemed “remarkable” by The Telegraph UK,“quite simply, delightful” by The Paris Review, and “a service to literate families everywhere” by the Wall Street Journal.

I am very grateful to have had the privilege to work with Smith Publicity. They helped me launch the campaign for my first children’s book, The Magical Mindful Day, which was released in English and Spanish. During my time with them, I was treated with respect, kindness, and professionalism; but most importantly, I felt valued as a self-published author and human being.

Deborah Salazar Shapiro

Deborah Salazar Shapiro, MSW, is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, author, and artist who was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. She has worked with children and families for over 15 years. Deborah holds an MSW from the University of Southern California and a master’s-level degree in psychology from the University Dr. Jose Matias Delgado in San Salvador. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband, two daughters, and a wise cat named Thay.


Cozy Classics

We asked Smith Publicity to get the word out on a high-concept board book series for children and adults alike: word primers that retell literary classics in twelve words and twelve needle-felted illustrations. Our publicist got our idea from the start and knew exactly where to go to maximize the crossover appeal of our books. As a result, our series Cozy Classics has been featured in media outlets like The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Parents Magazine, People Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal–exposure that went well beyond our expectations. Our publicist wasn’t just a consummate pro–she was a dynamo. She helped us take the world of children’s lit by storm!

Holman and Jack Wang, author of Cozy Classics

Holman and Jack Wang are the twin brothers behind Cozy Classics, a new series of baby board books that retell the world’s most beloved literary works in just 12 simple, baby-friendly words per title. Featuring stunning needle-felted illustrations and designed as developmentally appropriate abridgments for the very youngest of learners, the Cozy Classics books have been deemed “remarkable” by The Telegraph UK,“quite simply, delightful” by The Paris Review, and “a service to literate families everywhere” by the Wall Street Journal.

My Dearest One

It was a true pleasure to work with the team at Smith Publicity. They were warm, friendly, professional, and competent, right from the very beginning of my campaign. My publicist was able to get my writing published in a variety of national outlets, as well as get me on to Huffington Post, and a regular recurring column in a local online parenting magazine.  She was creative and persistent in her strategies, and also made herself readily available, even after usual working hours, to follow up on important leads. I feel like Smith Publicity not only supported my book, but also promoted me as a physician and a writer. I was so happy with Smith Publicity that I decided to extend my campaign for an additional four weeks, and would have no hesitation in using them for future books. I am grateful to Smith Publicity for their hard work and support, and would recommend them without reservation to anyone looking for book publicity.

Dr. Monisha Vasa, author of My Dearest One

Monisha Vasa, M.D. is the author of My Dearest One, a children’s non-fiction book. She is a board certified General and Addiction Psychiatrist in private practice in Orange County, CA. Dr. Vasa is a Cum Laude graduate of Northwestern University, completed medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, and her Psychiatry residency, Chief Residency, and Addiction Psychiatry fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Vasa resides in Orange County, CA with her husband, two beloved children and two English Bulldogs. She is also a marathon runner in addition to practicing yoga and meditation.

Sir Kaye, the Boy Night

Working with Smith Publicity has been the best business decision I’ve ever made: they’ve treated me like family and got me the valuable exposure I wouldn’t have been able to get on my own. They communicate regularly and effectively so I always knew what was going on. I will definitely work with them again on future promotions.

Don M. Winn, author of Sir Kaye, the Boy Night

Don M. Winn is an award-winning author, speaker, radio show host, and dyslexia advocate. As a dyslexic, who well knows the challenge of learning to love to read, Don’s goal is to write books for children that are so engaging they will entice even the most reluctant or struggling reader. Don’s articles on dyslexia have been featured in TODAY Parenting, Costco Connection Magazine, MD Monthly, Latin Times, and many others. Don’s award-winning books include the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series of children’s chapter books and 11 Cardboard Box Adventures picture books.

It has been a dream working with Smith Publicity. They are responsive, professional, and on the ball. They help us develop reasonable expectations for a campaign and consistently meet or exceed those expectations. I would recommend them to anyone.

Margot Atwell, Associate Publisher, Beaufort Books/Mid Point Trade Books

Hide!!!, (children’s book) The New York Times Bestselling book by Jeff Foxworthy

Reboot Your Life: Energize Your Career and Life by Taking a Break by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, and Jaye Smith

Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail by Jennifer Pharr Davis

I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can by Barbara Gordon

Dr. A’s Habits of Health: The path to permanent Weight Control and Optimal Health by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You by Susan Biali

Bapsie in the Bushveld

My time with Smith Publicity has been a friendly experience, and the best part was being kept up to speed with the progress of the campaign without having to ask. Many thanks!

Annarie Boor, author of Bapsie in the Bushveld

Boor grew up in South Africa and Zambia, where her parents owned a game reserve and hotel. She studied dance with the Royal Academy of Dancing in London and set up her own academy to teach dance. It is her love of working with children and her passion for the animals of Africa that led Annarie to write Bapsie in the Bushveld, her first, and definitely not last, book.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Smith Publicity has been an absolute joy to work with. I’m impressed with their efficiency and professionalism, which garnered over 40 radio interviews over a two-week period as well as two TV appearances. That’s besides the dozens and dozens of newspaper and online articles that helped to spike sales of my book. Even when the campaign was over, my publicist  continued to forward requests for review copies and interviews–and even a request from Steven Forbes for a signed copy! They also notified me that Smith displayed my book at the Frankfurt Book Fair (again, despite the end of the campaign), which drew interest from a large foreign publisher. I am fortunate to have had Smith Publicity at my side to promote my book.

Dinah Bucholz, author of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

New York Times bestselling book! With more than 150 easy-to-make recipes, tips, and techniques, you can indulge in spellbindingly delicious meals drawn straight from the pages of your favorite Potter stories. Bucholz taught English before working as a copyeditor for a book publisher. A passionate pie baker known for her fine desserts, Bucholz is now a full-time mother to her four children in Philadelphia, PA.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast

Writing a book is the easy part. Getting people to know about your book and buy the book is the tough part. This is where Smith Publicity comes in. My publicist developed a clever campaign that not only pitched my new book, but highlighted my other talents as well. I could not have imagined all of the publicity I have received.  I will be returning to Smith to work with me again.

Jennifer Kelman, author of Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast

Kelman has a BA in Sociology from American University and a Masters in Social Work from New York University and has worked with children in a variety of psychiatric and medical settings. She is the Creator of Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, who inspires self-esteem in children through her love, warmth and silliness and author of the new children’s book.

The Silver Mist

What can I say?  From the start—to way, way beyond completion—of the media campaign for The Silver Mist, Smith Publicity treated myself and my novel as though they had no other client.  I felt totally valued, as though the focus of the whole company had been turned toward my campaign and my needs alone.  Given the amazing results that accrued—it was a privileged place to be. I look forward to working with Smith Publicity again, and soon, in the future.

Martin Treanor, author of The Silver Mist

Treanor’s award-winning writing has been published in Zahir Speculative Fiction, The Spinetingler Anthology in the UK/Ireland, along with numerous other international publications and collections. He also contributed to Stoker Award winner and The New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry’s They Bite.

Otis Grows

About ten years ago, I was enmeshed in the traditional trajectory of publication. I was working with an agent, who strategized that I should write and publish a novel that was more mainstream. After spending two years writing in this prescribed genre, it never went anywhere because my heart was never in it. The relationship fell apart — it was crushing. For about five years, I just didn’t write. I’m someone who was eaten up and spit out by the Industry.

I share all this bitterness because Smith Publicity has provided me with that spark of belief again. Somewhere along the line, your firm decided to take a chance with self-published authors. Surely, that was a heavily weighed decision, a risk that no doubt could have mired your reputation. How bold — and earnest — it is that you all go out there to advocate for people like me. This campaign has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with Smith again.

Kathryn Hast, author of Otis Grows

Kathryn Hast has a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in writing and a Master’s degree in Education. She is from York, Pennsylvania, and she lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and two children. She has one dog named after a Beatles song, and one that barks at the television. Otis Grows is her first published work of fiction, and her next book Batty Betty is forthcoming.

The Great SAT Swindle

Smith Publicity did a terrific job of promoting my novel, coming up with good strategies to provide me with many radio and newspaper promotional opportunities. I even received a few television appearances. More impressively, after the campaign ended, my publicist continued to maintain contact with me, providing me with some further fruits of success that were planted during the campaign. Her professionalism and savvy were great assets to my novel and its promotion.

Dr. Michael Hartnett, author of The Great SAT Swindle

Dr. Hartnett’s novel follows Matt Drury who earns a perfect score on the SAT and soon finds himself working for a vast cheating network at his high school, getting paid for services ranging from taking the SAT for classmates with a fake ID to providing social studies homework and test answers for the entire ninth grade. But once inside the cheating network, he encounters corruption, beatings, and even murder. With the help of is oddball friends, Matt soon decides he must expose the network and bring down its nefarious leader. And he just might be able to, if the network doesn’t destroy him first.

Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter

I loved working with Smith Publicity. It was obvious they had a real love for the written word and finesse for publicity. The media coverage I received was astounding, and nothing I’d be able to accomplish on my own. My publicist was very personable and always available to answer my questions. Anyone who is serious about reaching their targeted demographic should consider working with them.

Kirsten Sage Steadman, author of Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter

Sage Steadman received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Utah and worked briefly as a licensed mental health therapist before leaving her job to pursue writing full time.

We have worked with Smith on several projects and have found their staff organized in planning campaigns and effective in implementing them. The people at Smith are friendly, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I would recommend the company to other publishers.

Josh Stevens, Publisher

Reedy Press is unique from other publishers, because they offer flexible and affordable programs that make book publishing possible for almost any project. Yet the service, quality, and creativity are second to none. Sampling of projects promoted:

Thursday Night Pizza: Father Dominic’s Favorite Pizza Recipes by Fr. Dominic Garramone

The American Sandbox Dictionary of Children’s Mispronounced English by Alvin Zamudio

Pins on a Map: A Family’s Yearlong Journey Around the World by David Boesch


Manford of Morning Glory

Smith makes thousands of contacts in just a short time to find press, radio, and TV interest in your work. If it’s out there, they’ll find it.

Mic Lowther, author of Manford of Morning Glory

Lowther was a computer systems analyst for 33 years at a variety of companies in New York, Arizona, and Alaska.  Retired 1995, he is currently in business with three remaining brothers. He published his first book, Walking North, in 2001, a true account of hiking the 2000-mile Appalachian Trail with his wife and 10-year-old daughter.

Crafting with Nana: A Young Girl's Journey into Witchcraft

Smith Publicity has really opened my eyes into a new realm of marketing. They have a knowledgeable and competent staff that is entertaining to work with. I will always be grateful for what I have learned and accomplished due to the compassionate nature of the connections with everyone there. A truly fun and rewarding experience!

Millie Knox, author of Crafting with Nana: A Young Girl's Journey into Witchcraft

The Dogma of Cats for Kids

I have worked with a number of publicists over the years to promote my work as an author and inspirational speaker. Smith Publicity successfully secured magazine articles, book reviews, radio interviews and is the one and only publicity firm to secure a national television segment for me. What author doesn’t want the opportunity to reach millions of homes? It was a pleasure to work with the entire team and I certainly appreciate the connections they are creating for me.

Deb Snyder, PhD, author of The Dogma of Cats for Kids

Deb Snyder, PhD is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and the award-winning author of Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart. She holds both Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Metaphysical Philosophy from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Southern Maine. She teaches heart-centered living workshops worldwide. Her work inspires others to be authentic, live fully and shine bright! Dr. Snyder is also the founder and executive director of the HeartGlow Center, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to honoring the sacred devotion of family caregivers. 

On this Beautiful Island

Smith Publicity played an important role in initiating the campaign for my children’s picture book, On This Beautiful Island. The appearances they arranged for me at Barnes & Noble bookstores and the reviews the book received helped give me credibility to continue the second phase of the campaign. Their patience and responsiveness to my input was much appreciated.

Edwin Fontánez, author of On this Beautiful Island

On this Beautiful Island, a lyrical and beautifully illustrated account of a day in the life of a Taíno boy living 500 years ago on the island of Puerto Rico. Fontánez is a Puerto Rican artist, author, and producer of multicultural books and videos for children. He is the author of Taíno: The Activity Book and The Vejigante and the Folk Festivals of Puerto Rico.

Savvy Cyber Kids at Home series

It was a pleasure to work with Smith Publicity. My publicist used her knowledge and in-depth experience to get bookings for me to discuss the importance of starting the discussion around cyber security, privacy, ethics, bullying response and screen time balance with audiences throughout the United States and Canada via TV, radio, and print media. I highly recommend the Smith Publicity team!

Ben Halpert, author of Savvy Cyber Kids at Home series

Ben Halpert bills himself as “Security executive by day, Cyber hero by night.” He is Vice President, Risk and Corporate Security for Ionic Security and President of Savvy Cyber Kids, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization he founded in 2007 to provide cyber awareness resources for parents and teachers of our youngest learners, as well as innovative resources to assist parents and teachers as children grow up online. He has written two other books in the Savvy Cyber Kids at Home series: The Family Gets a Computer and The Defeat of the Cyber Bully, and has won the Mom’s Choice Award, The Dove Foundation Seal of Approval, The Toy Man Award of Excellence and The Toy Man eChoice Award.

A Magical Racquet Ride

The opportunity to work with Smith Publicity as I launched my children’s picture book, A Magical Racquet Ride, was invaluable. It is incredibly difficult to get noticed in the picture book world, and not only did my publicist work tirelessly to make sure my book was seen by the right people, but he also lined up radio interviews, arranged for reviews on blogs, and organized stories written up in magazines, newspapers and other print media. My publicist was always accessible when I needed him, and the constant communication and clear direction from him and his team made the experience that much better. I would highly recommend Smith Publicity to anyone interested in making sure their hard work as an author really pays off. Thanks Smith!

Marissa Irvin Gould, author of A Magical Racquet Ride

Marissa Irvin Gould is a California native, mother of three, elementary school teacher, and a former professional tennis player on the WTA tour. During her tennis career she competed in twenty-two Grand Slam events and notched wins over players who reached number one in the world including Justine Henin, Anastasia Myskina, Dinara Safina, and Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario. She holds a BA in Political Science from Stanford University where she was also an NCAA Champion, PAC-10 Champion, Four-Time All-American, Academic All-American, and the winner of the Honda Award for the Nation’s top female collegiate athlete in her sport.

The Central Park Tales

I’m very glad that I hired Smith Publicity to promote my book. Our contact started with a warm welcome from our publicist and her team members. They wanted to know my ambitions, goals, expectations, and took that as the starting point to set up the campaign. I felt that they were genuinely interested in my book/project and that they were working with a lot of enthusiasm. During the campaign, my publicist kept close, personal contact with me, to inform me about the progress and to answer any questions I might have. And the results of the campaign were great! At the end of each week, my publicist sent me a clear overview of the results. Many bloggers have posted very positive articles about The Central Park Tales and recommended it to their followers as a holiday season gift. Smith Publicity proved to be an excellent professional marketing team who knew how to get the best results in this field. I have not a single complaint about my experiences with them, they are simply great and a pleasure to work with!

Marcus Meesters, author of The Central Park Tales

Marcus Meesters is the author and illustrator of The Central Park Tales. He was born in the Netherlands and, at the age of 25, he moved to Amsterdam, where he got to know Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most famous city park. Meesters is a lover of classic children’s books, and it was during one of his walks in Vondelpark that he got the idea to write his own children’s book about the animals that live there. His first book, The Vondelpark Tales, was born and extremely well received. Meesters recently released the second book in the trilogy, The Central Park Tales, which beautifully depicts the famous Central Park in New York City. The third book in the trilogy, The Hyde Park Tales, is expected to release in 2016.


Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale

Working with Smith Publicity was a great experience. As a new writer, Smith provided me with great resources and guidance to market my book Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale. They were very professional and provided great feedback and ideas to help gain interest in my book. Smith was able to secure me national radio, blogging and newspaper coverage as well as many Amazon reviews. I would definitely recommend Smith Publicity!

Marjuan Canady, author of Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale

Marjuan Canady, a native Washingtonian with Trinidadian/African-American roots, is a published writer, actress, playwright, director, educator and producer for both film and the stage. Her one-woman play, Girls! Girls? Girls. has been featured Off-Broadway, at national festivals, regional theaters and over fifty schools nationwide. Her second play, Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale, has been seen at the Ellington Theater and IATI Theatre. For this work, Canady served as a featured playwright at the 2013 Lincoln Center for Performing Arts Director’s Lab. A Matteo Ricci and Schomburg Mellon Fellow, Canady is the founder and creative director of her production company, Sepia Works. Her diverse acting work includes plays, films, television, commercials and voiceovers.

Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden

The professional staff at Smith Publicity was extremely responsive. They helped extend the reach for my book into new media with their extensive list of contacts. I received helpful literature on book marketing and publicity. Their extensive author questionnaire helped me to prepare for the television and radio interviews they arranged. The press release my publicist created was well crafted and powerful.

Kathy M. Miller, author of Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden

Kathy M. Miller is a teacher, cellist, author and award-winning nature photographer.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kutztown University with Bachelor degrees in Education and Music. In addition to the images found in her multi-award winning children’s books (Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden, and Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden), Miller’s photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines, as well as brochures including Hawk Mountain News and the 2009 Schuylkill County Visitors Guide. Miller’s photography has also been featured in the Yuengling Brewery Cookbook and Rescuing Wildlife and she won second place in the Schuylkill Allied Artists Competition in photography. Miller’s multi-media nature program has been presented to numerous nature centers, libraries and schools across North America.

Fujimini Adventure Series

As a new author living in beautiful and remote Honolulu, I knew gaining exposure would be a big challenge. I experience joy when I write but had no idea how to get my ‘product’ in front of actual readers. Smith Publicity was a great publicity partner. They are very savvy in approaching the trade and each campaign is tailored and client specific. In my case, gaining credibility as a writer was important. I started writing parenting articles at their request, which they got into over 50 major outlets including Huffington Post, Fox, Working Mothers, Boston Parent, Macaroni Kid and others too numerous to name. I had radio interview and TV interviews in New York, Honolulu, and other major markets. The weekly updates they provide are thorough and their monthly newsletter has some great ideas and tips for their clients. I felt the strength of their organization behind the campaign. I had three ‘masters’ strategizing how I could gain more exposure as a writer and columnist. I highly recommend Smith and the crew I worked with.


Eileen Wacker, author of Fujimini Adventure Series

Eileen Wacker, a Harvard Business School graduate, has lived and worked in seven different countries, including the United States. She commuted to Asia for nearly three years as part of a business development team, which sparked her interest in Asian culture. A mom of four, she’s the multiple-award-winning author of the Fujimini Adventure Series for children, as well as the upcoming book for women, The Mom’s Code: A Bro Code for Moms. For more information, please visit


The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles

We were pleased with the professional and personalized service Smith Publicity offered for the promotion of my middle-grade series (The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles). Their expert networking and outreach raised the profile of the sequel’s release just in time for Halloween, a great strategy that we discussed with the agent and team. Broadcast interviews and appearances in print really gave us the boost we were looking for!

Brandy Schillace, author of The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles

Brandy Schillace, Ph.D. is an author, historian, and adventurer at the intersection. She spends her time in the mist-shrouded alleyways between literature and medicine. Taking a cue from Edward Gorey and John Bellairs, she writes Gothic fiction with a medical twist. Dr. Schillace is a research associate at the Dittrick Museum of Medical History, managing editor of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, a book reviewer for the Huffington Post, and chief editor for the Fiction Reboot and Daily Dose blog. Her non-fiction book Death’s Summer Coat: What the History of Death and Dying Can Tell us about Life and Living will be released in 2015 with Elliott and Thompson. She also co-edited a collection titled Unnatural Reproductions and Monstrosity (Cambria 2014) and contributed a chapter on vampires and disease. Her short fiction appears in Hauntings, An Anthology (by Hic Dragones Press).