“Smith Publicity and our assigned publicist were assets not to be overlooked. My publicist simply became part of the team, rolled up her sleeves and got down to work. Watching her handle everything from initial media contacts to the details of TV appearances to scheduling dozens of radio and online interviews made it clear that our publicity dollars were being well spent. This may have been our first use of Smith Publicity’s services; it certainly won’t be our last.”

Jim Laughren, author of
A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine

Lifestyle Book Marketing

Effective lifestyle book marketing can significantly raise visibility and sales. Lifestyle books are well-suited to media interviews and articles on a broad range of topics. By definition, lifestyle books are about the circumstances in which people live. These books cover habits, hobbies, tastes, moral standards, attitudes economic level, and social conditions. They also explore the way people live such as home possessions and decorating.

The best methods for how to market lifestyle books continue to evolve and expand because they are among the most popular in the nonfiction genre. At Smith Publicity, we’re marketing experts for lifestyle books, having promoted hundreds since our founding in 1993. Our experience and unique methods make books stand out in a crowded market.

Marketing tactics for books in the lifestyle nonfiction category overlap in some ways with publicity for other genres, but stands apart in terms of newsworthiness. Because self-improvement topics have significant interest to readers, they also make great topics for talk shows, magazines, and their connected websites. With well-targeted media outreach by professional book promoters like the book publicists at Smith Publicity, lifestyle authors can often expect a significant number of interviews. Each of these reaches interested audiences of likely book buyers and can spark book sales both online and in bricks-and-mortar sellers. Accompanying articles in newspapers and blogs provide further support and combine to create successful campaigns.

Book publicity for authors of lifestyle books. Learn how to market your lifestyle book. Why are Lifestyle Titles Newsworthy?

  1. Provide New and Helpful Information
  2. Cover Topics of Interest to Many People
  3. Make the Complex Easier to Understand
  4. Connect to Current Trends and Needs
  5. Examine Ways People to Do Things
  6. Explore Society and Social Issues


Strategic Promotion of Lifestyle Books

Not all lifestyle book promotion campaigns are alike, and no one matches the comprehensive approach we follow at Smith Publicity. Our process begins with getting to know the author and topic. This allows us to create different pitches and target interested media with the right information – the information they want and need. The outreach turns into interviews and stories that cover the spectrum from television, radio, and websites to newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and blogs. Campaigns develop progressively, building from smaller outlets to medium and larger markets, and national networks as appropriate.

It takes skillful planning to enhance your credibility and public expertise about your topic, and book publicity is one component. We can advise on content for your lifestyle book website and also help repurpose your media coverage for social media channels. Author branding and promotion are potent tools to sell more copies – and lay the foundation for you to continue your work on additional titles in the future. With support from professional book publicists, some authors have gone on to become well-known media and Internet influencers, highly regarded as experts in their topic areas.

Working with Smith Publicity absolutely exceeded my expectations. Between the creative strategies they developed for me as a first time author to the level of detail they provided about their weekly outreach efforts, Smith definitely ranks as one the most effective and reliable partners I’ve had in 22 years of running my business. We saw results even after our campaign ended!

Susie Frazier, author of Designing for Wellness

Lifestyle Book Marketing with an Emphasis on Uniqueness

If you’ve already written and are about to publish a lifestyle book, publicity and promotion are essential next steps. While some of the best ideas may appear to be spontaneous, it’s far more likely they are the result of careful planning. Developing new and creative elements for any book marketing plan always increases the chances of success. We can join you in brainstorming ideas or further developing strategies to make them new and unique to you and your book. Sometimes even subtle adjustments and nuanced changes can energize pitches that win over editors, producers, writers, and interviewers. Because media are hungry for content to fill pages and cover shows, they are receptive to well-presented pitches to popular and well-known topics.

Events and Presentations that Create Effective In-Person Experiences

In-person experiences in the form of author appearances and well-planned events can be powerful booksellers. While some already famous authors may benefit from a simple book signing, most events today are considerably more sophisticated. Having a well-developed presentation for events and appearances is crucial. Professional book marketers can offer ideas and support for developing interesting talks and presentations, that also have the potential to make the news. It’s likely people who attend will post to social media about their experience, and as they do, you gain exposure organically. Therefore, events often have a reach that continues after they finish.

Marketing experts find tie ins to current events and breaking news that create excitement and interest in books. These can include local and regional angles to your book, seasonal increases in interest about a topic, and connections to trends. Event promotion to build attendance also requires skillful planning and often involves multiple social media channels as well as traditional promotion methods. In most settings, you can sell copies on-site at the event, so there can be an immediate benefit as well.

Maximize Lifestyle Book Marketing Opportunities with Online Sellers

How to market your lifestyle book through online booksellers is especially important given their increasing dominance of the marketplace. Expert book promoters can advise you on maximizing your author profile and book promotion pages online, as well as soliciting reviews. Keyword optimization of your online content also helps you appear in relevant searches, which also can spark sales.

At Smith Publicity, we’re with our clients every step of the way to make sure they receive expert traditional and digital marketing for lifestyle books. If you’re publishing a new title soon, we hope you’ll reach out to discuss how we can work together to make sure an exceptional lifestyle book marketing campaign supports your book and you.