Media Training for Authors: Preparing and Avoiding Pitfalls

How Media Training Helps Authors Maximize Interviews Successful book publicity campaigns are built; beneficial media relationships must be earned. When selected for an interview, it’s crucial for an author to prepare well. So, whether across the table from a news reporter, under the glare of TV lights, or behind your desk with a phone in […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Book Promotion

How to Promote a Book for Success Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book market. The booming print, on-demand, and self-publishing industries, coupled with mainstream publishers, have flooded the market. Therefore, successfully promoting your book and avoiding common pitfalls is essential. With an infinite number of books and authors vying for attention from a finite […]

The inside of a local bookstore can be the starting place for an author's newly found fame and fortune.

6 Ways to Promote a Children’s Book

The Best Ways to Promote a Children’s Book At Smith Publicity, we receive many calls from authors asking about how to promote a children’s book. Here are some tips anyone can follow to get started. 1. Start locally. To promote a children’s book on your own, the best plan is to begin locally. Contact booksellers […]

Author Websites for Book Marketing Need These Six Essentials

Websites for Book Publicity are Hubs of Information Author websites for book marketing can serve as the home base of a publicity campaign. As book publicists work to create awareness about books and their authors, sites must provide easily accessible details online for the media and book buyers. The best book and author websites need […]

How to Promote a Book During Summer

5 Reasons to Start a Book Publicity Campaign in Summer 1.     Summer is a Time to Build a Book’s Credentials: While some national television shows go on a hiatus, producers at local, regional, and some national outlets have time slots that need to be filled; newspaper and magazine editors must provide new content to […]