Broadcast Interview Tips for Authors

 Smith Publicity, the leading book marketing and book promotion agency in the publishing industry, secures many hundreds of radio and TV interviews for authors every year. Understanding the most effective ways to communicate key messages as well as knowing what to avoid in interviews is essential for authors in the midst of book marketing and […]

“Ask not what book publicity can do for you…” — 6 Tips to Maximize Media Exposure

In book publicity, it’s tempting to sit back and wait for publicity to “do its thing.” After all, your book has been featured in newspapers and magazines, you’ve been interviewed countless times on radio programs, appeared on TV, and even enjoyed some glowing published reviews. Now, you might think, it’s time to sit back and […]

Level Up! How to Kick Your Business Book Launch into High Gear with the Help of Your Network

Level Up! How to Kick Your Business Book Launch into High Gear with the Help of Your Network By Marissa Eigenbrood, Vice President “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Most of us have been told since we were college students or young professionals that networking is […]

7 Killer Ideas for Non-Fiction Writers

Today, writers have a plethora of online resources to help further them in their journey to a successful writing career. Because there are so many websites out there, it can be challenging trying to figure out the best ones. 

Social Media Tips and Tricks

Social Media Tips and Tricks from Publisher’s Weekly Webinar for Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy for Books By Lindsey Brodowski If social media apps were Senior Superlatives, Facebook would win most popular, Twitter would win Class Clown, and Instagram would win Most Artistic. None of these are bad titles to claim, but all are […]

3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books

3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books  By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Distinguishing your book from the thousands of other titles available in the marketplace can be the biggest challenge for an author.  More competition, more media outlets and a news cycle that seems to change by the second makes the […]

Latest News in YA Book Promotion

By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Young Adult publishing has been trying to find its footing – and a home – recently.  A 2015 Nielsen study found that 80% of YA readers are adults purchasing the books for themselves. This has led to a change in the subject matter, with more mature […]

Fiction Versus Non-Fiction Book Marketing

Strategies, tactics, pitches, outreach methods … there are many differences between how Smith Publicity markets fiction and non-fiction books. Here’s a helpful infographic that summarizes the primary differences.

New Podcast Episode: Business Book Marketing- with Publicist Kristi Hughes

“All Things Book Marketing” Podcast Veteran business book publicist Kristi Hughes shares insights, tips, and strategies for marketing business books, and explains how to leverage media coverage to build your brand, attract clients and secure speaking engagements. Essential book publicity and book marketing advice for any business book author!