The Smith Publicity staff works collaboratively; sharing ideas and exploring multiple approaches to provide the absolute best client service, outside the box creative solutions, and results.

Our pool of talent draws from a wide range of personal and professional skills, from journalists, authors, editors, marketing executives, radio producers, actors, TV anchor/hosts, to a college basketball player!

The hallmark of our approach–creativity, flexibility, professionalism and a well-known work ethic–will serve you well. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with each client.

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Photo of Dan Smith
Dan Smith
856-489-8654 x101
Photo of Sandra Poirier Smith
Sandra Poirier Smith
856-489-8654 x301
Photo of Mike Onorato
Mike Onorato
Executive Director of Publicity Services
856-489-8654, ext. 304
Photo of Janet Shapiro
Janet Shapiro
Senior Publicity Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x320
Photo of Corinne Moulder
Corinne Moulder
Director of Business Development
856-489-8654 x309
Photo of Marissa (Madill) Eigenbrood
Marissa (Madill) Eigenbrood
Director of Operations/Business Development Associate
856-489-8654 x314
Photo of Sarah Miniaci
Sarah Miniaci
Senior Publicist/Genre Leader-Business Development Associate - Canada
856-489-8654 x329
Photo of Mallory Campoli
Mallory Campoli
Publicity Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x313
Photo of Michela DellaMonica
Michela DellaMonica
Publicity Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 ext. 318
Photo of Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum
Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum
Senior Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x302
Photo of Andrea Kiliany Thatcher
Andrea Kiliany Thatcher
Marketing Manager & Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 319
Photo of Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert
Business Development Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x317
Photo of Bella Asher
Bella Asher
Office Manager
856-489-8654, ext. 306
Photo of Emma Boyer
Emma Boyer
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 305
Photo of Kelly Dougherty
Kelly Dougherty
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 321
Photo of Naz Hashmi
Naz Hashmi
856-489-8654 x104
Photo of Kristi Hughes
Kristi Hughes
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x322
Photo of Sophia Moriarty
Sophia Moriarty
Book Publicist & Business Development Associate
856-489-8654, ext. 325
Photo of Kellie Rendina
Kellie Rendina
Business Development Associate
856-489-8654, ext. 315
Photo of Lauren Roberts
Lauren Roberts
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 328
Photo of Katie Schnack
Katie Schnack
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 330
Photo of Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x303
Photo of Noel Walton
Noel Walton
Mail Room Coordinator
Photo of Courtney Link
Courtney Link
856-489-8654 x331


Smith Publicity is always looking for talented publicists with strong writing skills, solid media relationships and outstanding client service.

If you are interested, please email No calls, please.