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Susan Biali, M.D.
Author of Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You

Dr. Biali’s book explores a wide range of topics–from understanding your body language and food to relationships and stress–and blends them into a unique 7-step program to improve your life.

Top media interest: Fox TV’s Fox and Friends, The Toronto Globe and Mail, and over 25 local and national radio and television interviews.

Michelle May, M.D.
Author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Dr. May’s book provides practical, realistic weight management techniques and addresses the all too common “yoyo dieting” syndrome. Her insights into improving your energy, outlook on food and overall well-being are delivered with humor and passion.

Top media interest: ABC News, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Washington Post and a total of 75+ confirmed articles and interviews.

Henry Grossman
Author of "Places I Remember: My Time With the Beatles"

Places I Remember: My Time With The Beatles, by photographer Henry Grossman. Best known for his classic contributions to publications such as Time and LIFE, most are unaware of Grossman's long and productive relationship with the Beatles during the 1960s. For over four decades, the vast majority of his Beatles archive (which tops a staggering 6,000 photographs) has been tucked away, awaiting rediscovery. Now, for the first time ever, over 1,000 of these images — most of which have never been published — are finally being made available in Places I Remember. The collection is unprecedented in its scope and intimacy.

Top media coverage included a  feature story in People magazine, CBS This Morning, Los Angeles Times.

Leslie Scott
Author of About Jenga: The Remarkable Business of Creating a Game that Became a Household Name

The inventor of Jenga, of one of the most popular games in the world, Scott’s book explores her entrepreneurial adventure. Smith Publicity implemented a U.K. campaign for About Jenga.

Top media interest: Six interviews on the BBC broadcast network, including international shows such BBC World Business Daily and News Talk Radio Ireland.

Jeff Foxworthy
Author of Hide!!! (Beaufort Books)

Jeff’s book is full of humorous and witty rhymes, cheerful illustrations and designed to encourage the beginning reader to jump off the couch and play along with the neighborhood gang again and again.

Top media interest: People, Parade magazine, Scholastic Parent and Child, The Miami Herald, and

Cozy Classics

" As a result of Smith Publicity our series Cozy Classics has been featured in media outlets like The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Parents Magazine, People Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal--exposure that went well beyond our expectations."

Nic Read
Author of Selling to the C-Suite

Read’s book showcases how executives get involved in the corporate buying cycle, and what salespeople need to do to become trusted advisors at that level.

Top media interest: Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Today, The Small Business Advocate, Selling Power, Leadership Excellence, Investor’s Business Daily, UK Business News, and Brilliant Results (Cover).

John Warrillow
Author of Built to Sell

John’s book provides the steps to making a business sellable today, tomorrow or ten years from now.

Top media interest: TIME (full page bylined article), The Wall Street Journal, INC (regular contributor), ABC News Now, CNN, Bloomberg News, Thomson Reuters,

Debra Richardson
Author of Flashpoint and Don’t Believe Everything You See

Smith Publicity conducted two back-to-back publicity campaigns for this Canadian author. Both thrillers, although unrelated, follow characters through stories of deceit, betrayal and murder.

Top media interest: Quill & Quire, Breakfast Television, LA Weekly, NPR, Calgary Herald, Metro Calgary, The Gazette, and over 12 radio interviews.

Maureen Dutton
Author of Silent Night

Silent Night was Dutton’s second self-published book, a gritty thriller filled with themes of duplicity, murder and revenge that illustrates how easily life can spiral out of control when greed is the driving force.

Top media interest:  UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate, NPR, Southern California Public Radio,, American Chronicle

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