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* Experience: Over 3,500 books promoted, from New York Times bestsellers released by major publishers to first time, self-published titles.

* Service: Unparalleled client communication, weekly written updates

* Reputation: The Smith Publicity name and reputation open doors to media

* Media Contacts: Long-time personal media contacts; state of the art media database; local, regional, national and international media options

* Results: Meaningful media coverage that helps sell books, establish or enhance author brands, and attract business opportunities

“I have used many publicists over the 30 years of running my business and writing books, and, I must say, Smith Publicity stood out as the best firm I have ever worked with.”

– Barbara Annis
Author of Results at the Top: Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth

“Wondering whether Smith is better than those other publicists you’re considering? THEY ARE!”

– Cynthia Robinson
Author of Birds of Wonder

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So What Makes Smith Publicity Different from Other Book Marketing Firms?

It’s easy for any company to say it is unique, that it is different from competitors in many positive ways. But what really makes a book marketing firm different, unique or special?

Here are just a few things that separate Smith Publicity from other book publicity services agencies and one or two-person operations:

  1. Some book PR firms communicate through shared portals where activities are relayed in real-time for clients to see. This is fine; but real, actual communication is key. We talk with our clients regularly, and we send out detailed weekly updates so authors know exactly what we did the previous week, and plans for next week. Book promotion is a very personal venture, requiring personal communication.
  2. A singular focus. Our mission statement is deliberately very simple: “We Make Good Things Happen for Authors.” This is what we endeavor to do every day, for every client. We are genuinely thrilled when we create great opportunities for authors. We celebrate. We join together and talk about the great things that we make happen. It’s not easy work, but we do it exceedingly well and never take anything for granted.
  3. Our CEO Dan Smith is a big proponent of positive thinking. If we envision positive things happening and work toward goals, chances are we achieve them. Positive thinking isn’t about just “thinking” or projecting, it’s about combining a positive attitude with hard work. It’s also about engaging and handling problems not with panic and worry, but with the mindset of “let’s work this problem and we will achieve the best possible outcome.” In a field where rejection is common from producers, editors and media contacts of all types, positive thinking is imperative. There’s no place for disillusionment or dejection – we move forward and onward and push with positivity.
  4. Our roots have defined our growth. Unlike literary agencies started by publicists who leave in-house positions at publishers or other agencies, Smith Publicity’s beginning was quite different. Dan Smith left a career in higher education (while PR writing on the side) and started from scratch. It began in a tiny one-bedroom office with one client.
    Because of this, he could create his own version of book publicity services with no preconceived notions and not be influenced by the way others did it. The result? A wholly unique way of promoting authors and books. The methodology and strategies he developed hadn’t been seen in the publishing industry before. As the company grew, Dan brought talented people, such as Sandy Smith, who pioneered even more innovative, original service packages and operational systems.
    Everything about Smith Publicity is different and unique because of the way the agency was first launched. Over 20 years later, many competitors now employ similar services that Smith Publicity developed.
  5. Power. Teamwork. While we are the largest book publicity firm in the publishing industry, we’re still a small company of 25 people. Personalized service is our hallmark, and our size enables us to put multiple talented publicists on campaigns. On every campaign, at least three people are involved, all bringing ideas and angles. Our Vice President of PublicityServices, a Publicity Team Manager and one, if not two, publicists all contribute to every campaign. Unlike other book promotion companies with only a few staff members, if a publicist becomes unavailable for some reason, we have instant back-up, and campaigns go on seamlessly.
  6. Media Contacts. Every publicist has some personal media contacts; with our team, we have hundreds of them. Beyond these contacts, however, the Smith name is widely recognized because we’ve been pitching quality authors and books for so long, the media knows we give them good material and are more inclined to review our pitches when they see the Smith Publicity name.