For Authors on a Budget: Share Your e-Book for Free

For many authors, the best (and cheapest) way to get your book off the ground is by self-publishing.  But once it is published what happens? What about distribution?  To start marketing your book, you can try promoting it initially as an e-Book.

Amazon is the most popular place for readers to buy books or e-Books.

Over the last few year e-Books have become increasingly popular because of their portability, price and ease of use.

Once your book is online and offered as an e-Book, there are many sites to promote your e-Book for free. If you are offering discounted pricing or free e-Books, many sites are perfect for you!

Why give-away your e-Book? Having short promotional periods during which you giveaway your e-Book can quickly create interest and spark the all-important word-of-mouth publicity! You get the buzz going, then perhaps offer the book for one dollar, and slowly raise the price after that.

Some places to promote your e-Book for free are:

Addicted to e-Books: the site is set up to help readers find low-cost e-Books

Author Marketing Club: a place for free help to find other locations to place your e-Book

Books on the Knob: allows you to post information about your book and links to Amazon

Frugal eReader: if you are offering your e-Book for free or at a discounted rate, this is the perfect place to list it

Pixel of Ink: if your e-Book will be offered for free within 30 days, this site will try to highlight the book on the day it is free

Goodkindles: you are able to submit your own article about your book and give people information on how to access it