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Book Marketing, Publicity and Promotion for Publishers

Dan Smith with Rob Colding of Information Today/Plexus Publishing, publishers of the NY Times bestseller “Boardwalk Empire.” Book Expo America 2010

Dan Smith with Rob Colding of Information Today/Plexus Publishing, publishers of the NY Times best seller Boardwalk Empire. Book Expo America 2010

Book Marketing for Publishers

At Smith Publicity, we understand that most publishers have limited budgets for book marketing services, and that every dollar spent must count. We also understand the importance of author marketing and book and e-book exposure. With all of our clients, especially publishers, our goal is to become an invaluable book marketing resource and build long, sustaining relationships. We show publishers how outsourcing book publicity can be an excellent investment and result in increased sales and impressive ROI. Typically, the cost of paying for an internal publicist turns out to be much more expensive than outsourcing book marketing services to us. We work with small and large traditional publishers, university presses, niche/special interest publishers, and e-book only publishers, and have worked with many on a continual basis for years.

How Smith Publicity Works with Publishers

We’ve worked with publishers who either engage us on their own to promote their titles or refer us to their authors who then work with us individually. Different arrangements work for different publishers, and flexibility is a hallmark of our book publicity programs and options.

As with all of our clients, book sales are ultimately the bottom line for publishers when gauging effectiveness. When working with publishers, our primary goal is to spark awareness for their authors and titles. With persistent media outreach, we also hope to spread the word about our publisher clients and create new business opportunities. In some book publicity campaigns for publishers, we promote a single, high profile title to expand national and international recognition of the publisher.

Test Out Our Book Promotional Services!

We often invite publishers to “test us out” with a short campaign so we can show all that Smith Publicity can do. Inevitably, we demonstrate our value and then continue to work on new titles.

A sampling of our publisher/clients include Plexus Publishing, the publisher of Boardwalk Empire, the bestseller which served as the basis for the hit HBO series of the same name; The Writer’s Coffee Shop, original publishers of the international literary sensation Fifty Shades of Grey; and Ellora’s Cave, one of the largest independent romance publishers in the world.

Let our clients speak for us. Read testimonials from publishers and see what success we’re capable of.

A Leader in Book Publicity
and Book Marketing Services

Smith Publicity creates customized book marketing services and e-book publicity campaigns to meet the specific needs of publishers. With rates comparable or lower than most book marketing companies, we often become the ideal partner for publishers. Bottom line: The Smith Publicity team and our seasoned book publicists know exactly what it takes to move books.

We urge you to compare Smith Publicity’s track record and pricing options with other book-marketing firms. You’ll see the difference!

Our Book Marketing Services Include:

    • Self-Published Book Marketing
    • E-Book Marketing & Author Publicity
    • Business Author Promotion & Book Marketing
    • Children's Book Marketing & Author Promotion
    • Digital Book Marketing & Social Media Launch Exposure
    • And More!