Power Book Publicity Tips July 2014

  • Publishing FAQs from Greenleaf Book Group, Magdalene Thomas
  • Book Publicity 101: Hiring a Professional Marketing Firm, Allison Schiff
  • Don’t Miss this Year’s Greenleaf Author Summit
  • Enter to Win a Book Publicity Consultation and Exposure on NetGalley
  • Smith Publicity’s 2nd Book Marketing Scholarship for Persuasive Writing
  • Book Publicity Tips on YouTube

Publishing FAQs from Greenleaf Book Group

By Magdalene Thomas

As part of the Business Development and Consulting teams at Greenleaf Book Group, I’m the go-to gal for anyone who calls into the office with questions about publishing. I’ve been asked almost every question about publishing that you can imagine, from the mundane to the truly bizarre. I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Today’s question is as follows:

What can I do to give my book the best shot possible when I submit it to a publisher?

Plain and simple: Follow the instructions for submitting a manuscript as laid out by each publisher.

Publishers have procedures for submitting for a good reason: to manage their workflow. Publishers receive hundreds of books each month to consider and you are more likely to have your book receive the consideration it deserves if you respect their process.

If the publisher requires your piece to be agented, secure an agent. If the publisher requires a special form filled out, fill out that form. If the publisher asks you to only submit printed copies mailed to a particular address in a blue envelope with a big heart doodled on the front in red ink, print a copy of your manuscript and mail it to that address in an blue envelope with a big red heart doodled on the front. You’ll be showing that you’ve done your research and put yourself in their good graces immediately.

Following their instructions will save you time, as well. Publishers who receive an incomplete submission will just ask you to complete it according to their instructions. Save yourself the time and energy of a follow-up call or email and ensure that you’re not risking your submission being put aside because the publisher doesn’t have enough information.

For more publishing frequently asked questions visit Greenleaf Book Group’s blog.


Book Publicity 101: Hiring a Professional Marketing Firm

By Allison Schiff, featuring Smith President, Sandy Diaz

Original article from Publishers Weekly

When an author writes a book, she wants other people to read it, but there’s a big difference between self-publishing a book with the hope of selling a few copies and taking the decisive—and potentially pricey—step of hiring a professional marketing or publicity firm.

Book Marketing Works President Brian Jud advises authors to begin by taking stock of their goals. A marketing professional can help authors gain exposure—book reviews, interviews with press, blog tours—but it’s best for writers to be clear upfront about what they want to achieve. That will determine both whom to hire and the tenor of the marketing plan.

“Know what you want to do before you seek the assistance of a professional,” Jud says. “Knowing what you want to accomplish is going to help you both find the best person to contact and help you utilize…” READ MORE


Smith Publicity’s 2nd Book Marketing Scholarship for Persuasive Writing

Smith Publicity, one of the leading book marketing and book publicity firms in the publishing industry, is offering  one$1,000 scholarship to one high school or college/university student in the United States. The scholarship will be awarded to the student who submits the best essay on persuasive writing. We chose this topic because it’s an important part of the services we provide for book marketing.

The Spring 2014 winner, Kelci Weidenaar said, “I truly love writing and it meant a lot to me to win this scholarship from an organization like Smith Publicity! It’s opportunities like this that are helping my educational dreams come true!” Kelci will be a freshman at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO this fall.

For more information about the scholarship visit our website.


Enter to Win a Book Publicity Consultation and Exposure on NetGalley 

Writing a book is just the beginning. The next stage is helping readers and influencers discover you and your book.

Novelists who participated in the 2013 NanoWriMo are eligible to win a one-hour book marketing consultation with Smith Publicity. An experienced book publicist will discuss your book, author platform and specific ideas to create awareness for your book.

When your book is ready, Smith Publicity will also upload your book to NetGalley, a community of 200,000+ librarians, book reviewers, bloggers, educators, booksellers and media. These book-related professionals can access your title for potential reviews and recommendations on Amazon and Goodreads.

To enter, explain in 500 words or less why your book deserves publicity exposure. Send your essay along with a short author bio, book title, synopsis and genre to Brittney@smithpublicity.com by July 1, 2014.

If your book is published or you have the intentions of publishing your book or e-book this contest is for you!


Don’t miss this year’s Greenleaf Author Summit

Join us at the 2014 Greenleaf Author Summit™—in Austin, TX September 25 and 26—to take your business to the next level. Greenleaf Book Group is an Inc. 500/5000 company with dozens of books on the New York Times Bestseller List. In an unstable publishing climate, Greenleaf and its authors have continued to thrive. Now Greenleaf is opening its doors to business leaders, speakers, and writers to present a two-day event centered around three core themes: Ideas, Influence, and Income™.

World-class guest speakers (including Smith Publicity!) and Greenleaf’s expert staff will present a program designed to teach authors and experts how to:

  • create differentiated content that builds their platforms as thought leaders,
  • spread their ideas and expertise, and
  • monetize those ideas and products.

Your ticket provides full access to expert advice and insider knowledge, with no up sell or obligation. The Greenleaf Author Summit™ will provide interactive learning sessions and networking opportunities via three days of actionable content designed to help experts define their market and product positioning and drive their expertise and ideas. These insights and connections will make a significant difference in your business within twelve months.

We at Smith Publicity have had the honor and privilege of promoting dozens and dozens of Greenleaf authors over the years. We cannot speak highly enough about the service, quality and support they provide their authors to help them reach their individual goals.

For more information about the Summit visit Greenleaf’s site.