Power Book Publicity Tips August 2015

7 Surefire Ways to Maximize Holiday Book Sales

Dan Smith, CEO/Founder, Smith Publicity

Believe it or not, August is the time to start planning ways to sell more books around the holidays.

There’s no doubt about it – books make great holiday gifts. They’re inexpensive, easy to find and buy, and can be very thoughtful gifts right in line with a person’s interests.  In other words, if you know the person you’re buying the gift for – and of course you do – a book can be a can’t-miss gift.

So how can you make your book noticed during the holidays and spark sales? Here are some tips:

1. Gift Guides. Many magazine gift guides and gift sections are busy collecting titles right now … in the middle of summer! This is what we call “long lead” media. Finding editorial calendars for magazines isn’t difficult, and you can quickly find out what they have in mind for their holiday issue! Some basic searching online with publication titles followed by “editorial calendar” will usually do the trick…READ MORE

Beginner’s Guide to Running Ebook Price Promotions

Diana Urban, Industry Marketing Manager, BookBub

One of the biggest challenges authors face is getting their books in front of new readers, especially since hundreds of thousands of books are published each year. A price promotion is one of the most effective ways to get more exposure and make your book more attractive to potential readers. Whether you’re looking to launch a new book, ramp up backlist sales, expand your audience, or hit a bestseller list, running a price promotion in conjunction with a BookBub “Featured Deal” can help.

Price promotions work so well because if a reader has never heard of an author before, they’re more apt to get the book when it’s free or discounted. In fact, 95% of bargain readers have purchased a book from an author unknown to them because of an ebook price promotion. They also become loyal fans willing to pay full price for other books by that author…READ MORE

5 Free Things You Can Do TODAY to Market Your Award-Winning Book

Terry Doherty, Director of Honoree Marketing, Mom’s Choice Awards

There are many wonderful ways to celebrate your award-winning book.

That, of course, is the good news. The bad news is that everyone else is using the same channels for all kinds of things. With our checklist of five easy things, you can cut through that noise and put those social channels to work for your marketing goals.

We all know books don’t sell themselves, and winning an award hasn’t changed that truth. H-O-W-E-V-E-R…becoming a finalist or winning an award brings recognition that can help your get book noticed, and it can open doors for promotional opportunities that were tough to get before.

Update your email signature block.

Email is still king. Not everyone uses social media, but EVERYONE uses email…READ MORE

Display Your Book at the World’s Largest Book Event: Frankfurt International Book Fair

Showcase your book at Frankfurt Book Fair–the largest book trade show in Europe, through Combined Book Exhibit, October 14 to 18, 2015.

Registration deadline: September 13, 2015

Perhaps no venue on Earth reaches the depth and breadth of the publishing industry the way the Frankfurt Book Fair does. It might be because of the near 300,000 in attendance, the eight full halls of exhibits covering 100 different countries, or maybe it’s just the reputation Frankfurt has as the industry’s 100% absolute must-participate event for over 60 years. One thing is certain, however — regardless of the cause, there’s no question the Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important event on the publishing industry’s calendar each year. Reach publishers, agents, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians, book buyers, authors, journalists, rights executives, editors and so much more from a pool larger than any other all in one location.

For more information about having your book displayed through Smith Publicity’s partnership with Combined Book Exhibit,visit our Combined Book Exhibit page.