Podcast: Complaints? Praise? First-Ever Real-Time Client Assessment of a Smith Publicity Book Marketing Campaign!

It's surely a first in the world of book marketing: A real-time, completely unedited assessment - by a client - of a book publicity campaign!

Jonathan Pellegrin, author of The Art of Selling the Family Business, has a book marketing campaign set to start July 10 with Smith Publicity. Jonathan flew to the our office from California to meet his team, and agreed to talk about his experience at the beginning, middle, and end of his campaign. Dan Smith has promised that regardless of how Jonathan assesses Smith Publicity  - with complaints, praise, happiness or anger - it will be made public through this podcast.

In this first installment, Jonathan talks about his book and how and why he chose Smith Publicity over competitors.

Around August 10th, Jonathan will be interviewed a second time, and then a third time when his two-month service concludes. All of the podcast interviews will be spliced together for a cumulative, full spectrum assessment.

Has Dan Smith taken a gamble he will live to regret, or is his confidence in how we will perform warranted?

Stay tuned to find out!


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