3 Tips on How to Get Reviews on Your Book

Just like in the business world, reviews can make or break an author. In the age of social media and constant connection to the internet, authors are always trying to figure out ways to get reviews on their books to help gain credibility. Even if your first couple of published pieces don’t make their way to the top of the bestseller list, there are other ways still to generate reviews. The book promoters at Smith Publicity work to do just that. In fact, our team came up with a brief list of the three tips you should try to generate more reviews for your book. Here they are:   

1.) E-mail Subscription List

Communicating directly with your audience is important for authors. Social media can provide this outlet, but e-mail lists have withstood the test of time, and they can make interactions feel more personal. Whether it is something as simple as a newsletter every month to subscribers, this allows you to inform readers about new releases, promotions, and where they can leave reviews.

2.) Blog Tours  

As any self-publishing author understands, many times, there is no room in the budget for a book tour. But now with blogs so prevalent, and many sites having dedicated readers, you can have a virtual book tour from the comfort of your own home. It’s important to choose the right blog to approach and make sure the audience fits your type of writing.   

3.) Promotion on Back of Back

After your reader has finished reading your book, make sure they don’t put it down without leaving a review. This works best for books published electronically on e-readers. Simply having a couple of links that send readers to the product page helps to generate feedback and gain credibility.

Authors who are trying to get more reviews on the web should contact Smith Publicity. Our team loves working to help you succeed in your writing endeavors, and will do whatever it takes to get you to reach your book promotion goals. To learn more about promoting your book, contact our team here at Smith Publicity by giving us a call at 856-229-0807.

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