8 Resources to Inspire & Guide Writers During COVID-19

Will Coronavirus Quarantines Bring a Book Boom?

The LA Times predicts, “Looking ahead, only one thing is certain: Writers now have a lot more time on their hands to write. The end of the crisis may find literary agents inundated with fresh manuscripts.”

Even Gwyneth Paltrow suggests now is the time to do “something you’ve always wanted to do,” including “writing a book…” to help find positivity right now. People who are healthy and not working in essential jobs find time to dust off their to-do lists and write the book they’ve always wanted to. 

The New York Times essay by Sloane Crosley  Someday, We’ll Look Back on All of This and Write a Novel shares, “When the coronavirus has passed, we will say, sincerely, perhaps for the first time in our lives, Our long national nightmare is over. But this will not be our final use of the phrase. It will be a caption on the Instagram post of someone’s post-quarantine haircut, I promise. Yet in the
moment, we feel the need to prove our solemnity on social media by setting a universal mood, and
this is poison to actual book writing.”

Whether you are writing about your experiences now or acting on your dream of penning a children’s book, personal memoir, the next great novel, or non-fiction book to share your expertise, if the additional time that you find yourself with under COVID-19’s Stay-At-Home orders inspires you to begin (or continue!) your creative journey, here are a few resources to help you get started:

  1. Make Writing an Ordinary Part of Your Life in 4 Steps by Amanda Lewis, Page Two Book’s
    editorial director
  2. Book Creation Tips from the Learning Center at Greenleaf Book Group
  3. How to Start Writing a Fiction Book by Tim Hawken, author of the Hellbound Trilogy. Writer, surfer, facial hair grower.
  4. How to Write a Memoir: 7 Creative Ways to Tell a Powerful Story by Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress
  5. How to Get a Six-Figure Advance for Your Business Book Idea by Eric Nelson, Executive Editor at Harper, Editorial Director of Broadside Books, and author of the best-selling business parody book, OH, THE MEETINGS YOU’LL GO TO.
  6. How to Write a Children’s Book: An Author’s Guide from Reedsy blog tool
  7. StayHomeWriMo Rallies Writers – https://www.pw.org/content/stayhomewrimo_rallies_writers
  8. Making Time to Write When You Have Young Children: Mission Impossible by Joanna Penn of TheCreativePenn.com

We welcome you to share your favorite writing inspirational resources, and hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.