5 Instagram Trends to Try for Book Publicity and Marketing

New Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Book

by Lindsey Brodowski

Instagram provides authors a way to connect with followers and fans with just a double-tap on their phone screens. What catches users’ attention the most on the fastest-growing, photo-sharing social media platform are the designs of staged photos. The brand aesthetic you create with photos is just as important as the supporting book marketing content you capture in your caption. Using these five Instagram-post trends and tricks, your photos will jump off the screen and, ultimately, pave the path to the thoughtful messages you share below.   

Get Stacking

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An Instagram post about book marketing.

Search the hashtag #bookstack, and you’ll see why over 600,000 people use it to show off their current reads. A book stack photo not only shows your personality as a reader but your creativity as a writer. Use certain themes to create your book stacks, such as books of certain genres, new releases, and colors. This leads to…

Stick to One Hue

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How to present your book in an Instagram post.

 This trend is popular among all influencers and speaks to our tendency to prefer aesthetically pleasing images. Monochromatic images create an explosion of color to breakthrough mindless scrolling and have users gravitating to your photo to learn more. As described in the comments under @crofteereader’s post, this luscious trend is only increasing in popularity—so what color are you feeling today?!

Show Off Your Epic Bookshelf

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Creative ideas for presenting your book to potential readers on Instagram.

 A stacked and colorful bookshelf serves as a perfect backdrop for your photos. People will instantly identify and recognize your post when they see your bookshelf behind it–and envy will ensue.

 Genuinely Interact With Your Followers

Image Credit: @afictionreality

An example of an Instagram post by an author promoting their book.It’s not just about the looks. Even more important than the aesthetics of your photos is engagement with followers. One of the best—and easiest ways!—to spark conversation on posts is to ask questions—What are your favorite books? Who are your favorite authors? What are your weekend plans? As people start commenting on their answers, you must respond. When people feel genuinely valued as followers, they will become more invested in the page and brand they follow. As an author, consider deepening your connection with users by offering followers something special or exclusive—an ebook giveaway, a chapter download, etc.. On all social media platforms, your followers want to know they’re not just interacting with a brand; they’re interacting with someone behind the screen.

Host a Giveaway

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On all social media platforms, your followers want to know they’re not just interacting with a brand, they’re interacting with someone behind the screen..

 Who doesn’t want free stuff? With giveaways, you can create your own rules that require people to follow your account and like your posts to enter. It can be an effective way to get the attention of people (and potential readers!) that might not have otherwise been aware of you and hit “follow.” But remember, while these giveaways will bring them in, your new posts that follow the other trends mentioned keeps them around.

As you test out these Instagram trends, remember to keep engaging with new and potential followers and readers who will constantly be checking and refreshing your feed for the latest news on your book. And remember to give @smithpublicity a follow for all our latest company and author updates!