Free Virtual Public Speaking Training for Authors and Experts

If you are an author and/or expert curious about the world of speaking or looking to improve your speaking career, we highly recommend enrolling in HPS STREAM: How to Create Transformative Content that Books Gigs and Changes Lives. 

It’s a free two-day live stream event on April 26th & 27th (12:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT). Run by Heroic Public Image of the registration link for a free public speaking seminar for authors and subject-area experts. Speaking co-founders Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid, Steal the Show) and Amy Port, your message will be in good hands.

Here at Smith Publicity, we work with clients who are highly paid speakers. When learning more about their path to success, one common thread I kept hearing about was their training with Heroic Public Speaking. To learn more, Sandy Smith and Marissa Eigenbrood attended this session last year, were completely blown away, and have been recommending Michael and Amy ever since.

About the training:

You’ll experience two days’ worth of keynote, breakout, and workshop content development training sessions to help you and your content stand out among the most experienced professionals with integrity and confidence.

Here is the two-day agenda they have ready for you.

And, Michael is going to provide his famous masterclass coaching sessions. This is when you will witness students receive one-on-one coaching with him, live and on stage. It works so well that it looks like the people on stage are actors (they’re not. They’re business owners and keynote speakers, just like you). 

We know many of our professional speakers are getting booked for more gigs at higher price points after just one masterclass training with Michael. The people who are watching often say that they feel as transformed as the people getting coached. 

The Heroic Public Speaking faculty is known for premium events and training, dedicated to making you a better speaker. They’re trusted by professional speakers, entrepreneurs, Olympians, politicians, astronauts, FBI agents, Navy SEALs, and people that want to find their voice.

There are only a handful of events we endorse, and HPS STREAM would be one of them. Here is the link to learn more.