An author’s decision to undergo media relations training will be one of the smartest investments he or she will ever make to advance your book. After investing time and money to produce a book, and the publicity to promote it, now authors will be prepared to handle every media opportunity that comes their way.

We offer three levels of media relations training. With each package you will receive:

  • 100% confidentiality throughout the entire training process.
  • Personal instruction and coaching by an expert media relations trainer whose experience includes training guests for appearances on major national shows including Larry King Live, Good Morning America, CNN American Morning, NPR, and thousands of radio stations, magazines, and newspapers across the world.

Program Options:

Level One–
Basic Author Media Relations Training

  • 90-minute basic training program covering the basics of television, radio, and print, over a free Skype connection from the comfort of the author’s home or office.  A web cam is required.

Level Two–
Intermediate Customized Author Media Relations Training

  • Full day training session over Skype (two three hour segments) from the comfort of the author’s home or office.
  • A comprehensive, personalized media relations training program that includes interview tips, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, mock interviews, and one-on-one performance reviews and analysis.
  • Thorough research on the book is done in advance to prepare questions and provide various hypothetical scenarios.
  • Training includes advanced print, television, and radio techniques

Level Three–
Premium Author Media Relations Training

  • Highly recommended for authors who anticipate national television, radio, or print opportunities.
  • Media trainer comes to the author for one and a half days of training
  • Comprehensive face-to-face live training at the client’s home or office.
  • Significant research is completed in advance to ensure trainer is fully proficient in all areas of the book. Trainer compiles questions ahead of time and uses various role-playing scenarios to create many possible media scenarios. Sessions are recorded and analyzed to provide the most advanced level of training possible.
  • Every facet of media relations training will be covered.
  • Travel costs to anywhere in continental U.S. included