Optimizing for Amazon and Targeting Top Reviewers

Authors and publishers often wonder how to make their book stand out online. As more and more books are published each year—1.5 million traditionally and self-published in 2011 according to Bowker—the competition and clutter in the marketplace has increased dramatically.

With so many titles available, how do you increase the chances that readers find YOUR book among the millions for sale on Amazon?

Smith Publicity works with experts to provide Amazon Optimization and Amazon Top Reviewer services designed to attract readers to your profile on Amazon and entice top Amazon reviewers in your genre to complete and post reviews to your Amazon page(s). With these two programs, you will be working with experts who will learn the ins and outs of you and your project, and then guide you through the process of putting your book in position to attract the largest audience possible. You can choose one or both services. Ideally, they should be done as soon as your book is listed on Amazon and your e-book is available for reviewers to read.

dr ali

Smith Publicity client Dr. Mosaraf Ali with Dr. Oz

Amazon Optimization Service:

Helping Readers Find You and  Your Book on Amazon

Your Amazon Optimization Consultant will:

  • work with you to create key words or “Tags,” to increase search-ability,
  • direct numerous people on their team to your book with these key words to continue to drive up the search-ability of your book,
  • link your book to other bestselling books in your genre so that when a browser looks for a best selling author in your category, they have a better chance of finding your book,
  • create an in-depth book description and author bio for Amazon’s main book page, plus a separate author page augmented with links to your “assets” such as your book trailer, website, social media, and update ongoing press clippings, and
  • provide “Search Inside” uploads, if needed.

Amazon Top Reviewers:

Targeting Key Reviewers to Write and Upload Reviews to Your Amazon page

Your Amazon reviewer consultant will present your book or e-book to the top reviewers in your genre to post reviews on your page. These top reviewers have thousands of followers and a review from them drives traffic to your book page. A review from a top reviewer is not easy to get, but this team works with these influential group every day and presents your book in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Get Started

The Amazon Optimization and Top Reviewer services are appropriate for all categories—fiction, non-fiction, adult, YA and children’s. The services can be executed together or separately. It is ideally done at a book’s launch, but can be done even after a book has been available to buyers. Please email or call for pricing. or 856-229-0807 x309