“When it came to social media, my mind was void and without form, I was just clueless. Smith Publicity’s Social Media Service stepped in and set me up on Twitter, Google + and Facebook.  They then had a one on one class through an interactive web presentation to teach me how to use these tools. They are professional and provide an outstanding service.”

Eric Jubb, author of Dire Wolf

Our Smith Publicity social media services are designed to make you proficient and comfortable on social media. We’ll help you promote your book and gain followers to build your author brand – and hopefully enjoy yourself while communicating with fans!

Smith Publicity Social Media Services Include:

  • Author Social Media Launch Service
    • Train on the important rules of engagement of social media
    • Tactics to attract and interact with the public to build your author brand and awareness about your book
    • Recommend two platforms for us to launch or enhance: Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or At the end of the service, the goal is to have you confidently be able to lead your own social media activities
    • Provide extensive resource guides to lead you on your social media campaign
    • The service is comprised of an initial consultation call followed by two, one-on-one tailored training sessionsSocial media services for authors to help promote book sales on Amazon.
  • Six-Week Instagram Jump Start Service
    • Primarily for fiction authors
    • In-depth training on effectively utilizing Instagram
    • Interactive sessions
    • Create and execute posts with your approval
    • Prepare you to successfully use Instagram on your own to enhance awareness of your book

Need help with social media? Smith Publicity is ready to assist. To successfully market a book today, social media for authors is essential for virtually everyone. It’s no longer something to take lightly; it’s become serious business. Even for authors who are social media savvy and established online, promoting a book brings an entirely new set of needs. Author branding is another significant aspect that plays into social media. Therefore, the need for highly effective author social media is two-fold: it can be valuable to book sales and also has a role in author branding.

Promoting a Book on Social Media vs Authentic Engagement 

Fans who follow authors on social media understand and expect that some book promotion may occur. But they can be turned off quickly if the sales pitches are hard-sell or happen too often. A careful balance between helpful conversation and occasional mentions about how and where to buy books must be achieved. It varies by book and author, and also by the amount of social media activity. One of the reasons to stay active on social media is to create a content flow into which you can make some tactful plugs for your book. When the content stream is rich and steady, promotional opportunities arise naturally and more often. That’s when you can make an impact on book sales.

For non-fiction authors (and some fiction authors), social media provides opportunities to share your expertise. Fans and followers often ask questions online that you can answer as a helpful resource. The live chat features on some social media channels can ever be leveraged for virtual book tour appearances. These can be useful in building closer relationships with fans and followers. Questions for live online appearances can be collected in advance – and any in-person events also can be gently promoted on your author social media.

Author Social Media Launch Service from Smith Publicity

If you have a book launching soon and are ready to take the plunge to become more professionally active with your author social media, we’re ready to help. At Smith Publicity we offer a social media launch service that trains and prepares authors to successfully implement social media for their book. Our program helps you build awareness about your book and develop your author brand – and branding is an essential factor in going on to write several successful books. Many authors have found the program helpful, even if they are social media savvy.

The ground rules for personal and professional social media interaction can be different and we have valuable experience to share. Our program includes two one-on-one training sessions in the package and by the end, you’ll be able to confidently lead your social media program. When it comes to how to market a book, the most successful authors and publishers do everything they can to take the guesswork out of the process. It’s possible to learn the most effective social sharing techniques by trial and error, but letting us help you quickly skip to a more proficient level makes a great deal of sense. Check out these testimonials from authors who have been through the program.

Six Week Instagram Jump Start Service

This six-week program is best suited for fiction authors, but our business development team will review if a non-fiction book would benefit from this support if an author is interested. You will receive an Instagram 101 document that includes basic knowledge and tips for effectively utilizing Instagram as we prepare appropriate corresponding resources for developing social media engagement. 

In weeks 1-3 we create and execute unique posts for your approval, which may include social media graphics, photos of the book, media shares, and personal photos, among others, and will interact with other accounts to help build up your unique engagement. During weeks 4-6 we guide you with the appropriate tools to create and share your own tailored, approved posts and tips on engaging with others on Instagram. We will host a final call to go over questions, critiques, and creating advertisements for consideration.

“Thank you so much! It really helped me enter the world of social media. The Smith specialist was a great teacher of technology. I was terrified at the start because I know hardly anything about computers. Thanks to Smith, I have a working knowledge to get me started on using Facebook and Twitter. I’m very impressed! Smith Publicity is my hero!”

Cynthia Sampson author of The Classroom Secret

For more information and pricing, please contact info@smithpublicity.com or call us at 856-489-8654, ext. 309. Also, if you’re interested in reading more testimonials about our author social media training, please visit our Social Media testimonials page.