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Smith Publicity offers three levels of social media support. The first is our Social Media Launch Service, designed to train you over two 45-minute calls to help you lead your own social media activities. The second is our Social Media Jump Start Service, detailed below, where we train and guide you to independence over a period of six weeks. The third is our Comprehensive Social Media Service, which is an ongoing service where we lead your social media efforts.

Author Social Media Launch Service

The Social Media Launch Service is a cost-effective option to have two social network platforms professionally developed/enhanced. We then train you with the rules of engagement to attract and interact with the public with the goal of building your author brand and awareness about your book. This service is divided up by an initial consultation call followed by two, one-on-one tailored training sessions.

We collaborate with you to recommend two platforms for us to launch or enhance: Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. A the end of the service, the goal is to have you confidently be able to lead your own social media activities.

Social Media Jump Start Service

Our Social Media Jump Start Service provides an educational and comprehensive option to have your key social networks professionally enhanced, while teaching you—over a period of six weeks—how to optimize your platforms for future success. The service combines one of our specialists actually developing and posting content, and simultaneously training you to do this.

We consult with you and then recommend two platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. After we perform a deep dive into your project and chosen platforms, we develop content and systematically roll-out proactive social media engagement on your platforms, while educating you along the way. This service is an excellent way to begin active social media engagement with a specialist, and then continue on after the six weeks on your own with robust, well-designed social media platforms and content delivery plan. 

Comprehensive Social Media Service

In our three month comprehensive social media service, we essentially handle everything for you.

Consulting with you to ensure we represent your brand properly, we are responsible for social media planning, strategy development, platform development, content creation, and scheduled and real-time posting.

We follow specific rules of engagement and seek to establish meaningful, authentic, and relevant connections for you. To ensure a coordinated and cohesive campaign, we handle everything, eliminating the need for you interact on your platforms each day. We stay true to your brand, always ensuring you’re comfortable with how we introduce you and engage with your target audiences. When it comes to followers or fans, quality matters more than quantity—our goal is to find and engage with the most relevant and effective audience for you. The bottom line: We strategically research, connect, and engage with the right individuals and groups to help generate interest in you and your book.

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"When it came to social media, my mind was void and without form, I was just clueless.  Smith Publicity’s Social Media Service stepped in and set me up on Twitter, Google + and Facebook.  They then had a one on one class through a interactive web presentation to teach me how to use these tools. They are professional and provide an outstanding service." Eric Jubb author of Dire Wolf

"Thank you so much! It really helped me enter the world of social media. The Smith specialist was a great teacher of technology. I was terrified at the start because I know hardly anything about computers. Thanks to Smith, I have a working knowledge to get me started on using Facebook and Twitter. I'm very impressed! Smith Publicity is my hero!" Cynthia Sampson author of The Classroom Secret

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