On-air tips for authors to help them prepare for radio interviews.

10 Virtual Media Interview Tips for Authors and Thought-Leaders

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly prompted many changes in the way we communicate and conduct book publicity campaigns, virtual media interviews were happening long before stay-at-home orders forced TV studios to adapt. Replacing the old studio remote interview, we increasingly saw foreign news correspondents reporting via Skype, and it wasn’t uncommon for authors and […]

A Conversation About How Authors Can Pivot and the "New New Normal"

New Podcast: A Conversation About How Authors Can Pivot and the “New New Normal”

In this episode, we talk to Smith Publicity Vice President Marissa Eigenbrood about what authors can do to pivot in the “new new normal,” tips they can do right now to engage with their network and the big question: should they delay publication of their books. The Smith Publicity ‘All Things Book Marketing’ podcast explores […]

Tips for Gaining Media Interest in the U.S. and Canada as a Foreign Author

by Mallory Campoli, Publicity Manager, Smith Publicity As an international author, positioning your book to intrigue American readers is not as difficult as you may think. Information is more accessible than ever, and the media is always hungry for content. In order to successfully go global, it’s crucial to understand your target audience and identify […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About UK Book Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask…

by the Midas PR team, a leading publishing, arts and cultural PR agency in the UK Smith Publicity and Midas PR, two leaders in the book publicity industry, regularly partner together on book marketing and publicity campaigns to ensure a book launch extends into key book buying and influential markets. Below, they share eight insights […]

Three Main Publishing Paths for Authors – Sandy Smith

Smith Publicity President and book marketing industry thought leader Sandy Smith discusses the three main publishing options for authors. — TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name is Sandy Smith and I am the president here at Smith Publicity. What I do here is talk to authors almost every day and a big question I get is the […]

Dr Alan Zimmerman on how to destress, reenergize. All things book marketing podcast by Smith Publicity

Help for Stressed-Out Authors

All Things Book Marketing Podcast       Help for Stressed-Out Authors: How to De-Stress, Re-Energize, and Re-Balance Your Life by Alan Zimmerman TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the Smith Publicity, All Things Book Marketing podcast. The best tips, insights, and advice from the best in the publishing industry. Dan Smith: Hi, this is Dan Smith, and […]

Netgalley, self-publishing for independent authors.

The Benefits of NetGalley for Independent Authors and Publishers

By Michela DellaMonica Team Manager, Smith Publicity NetGalley is a cost-effective way to reach a growing community of professional readers (media, reviewers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and educators) who can read, review and recommend titles. On average, over 80% of the monthly traffic is represented by repeat visitors who regularly visitNetGalley to see what titles are […]

Book marketing tips for self-help authors. Book promotion and publicity for self-help books.

Self Help Book Marketing & Author Publicity to Drive Sales

by Kellie Rendina New ideas about how to market self-help books coincide with the continuing growth of the genre. Increasingly, self-help authors like Marie Kondo and Jen Sincero are well known to many people. In the United States alone, the personal development industry takes in almost $10 billion annually. As a result, self-help book marketing […]

Some of the different kinds of book marketing campaigns offered by Smith Publicity

Book Marketing Programs Available from Smith Publicity

When it comes to how to market a book, few firms can match the expertise and experience we have at Smith Publicity.  “Effective book marketing means adapting to industry changes, and ideally staying ahead of these changes,” says Smith Publicity CEO Dan Smith. “Our service offerings are always evolving because the media landscape is always […]

What to look for when choosing the right book marketingcompany.

How to Choose a Book Marketing Firm

Few book marketing firms can match the results we are famous for at Smith Publicity. We handle marketing and publicity for books in all genres and support both authors and publishers. Our track record of successfully earning media coverage for nearly any author leads people to ask us often about how to choose a book […]