Questions to ask when hiring a book publicity firm.

Hiring a Book Publicity Firm?
4 Important Things to Consider

Yes, we think Smith Publicity is a great book promotion firm, but we also know there are other good firms out there. There are many, many things to consider when hiring a book publicity firm or solo publicist to promote your book. In this post will give three of the most important ones. Personality: This […]

The best book publicity companies are the ones that have the best book publicists in the industry working for them.

4 Quick Tips on Finding a Good Book Publicist

Effective book publicists, like the experts on our staff at Smith Publicity, are crucial members of any good book marketing team. While there is a cost to publishers or authors for professional book publicity, most experienced industry pros understand its value. There’s also no doubt that some have taken to cyberspace to write critical articles […]

The best time to start a book publicity campaign by Dan Smith

When to Start a Book Publicity Campaign

Is There a Best Time to Start a Book Publicity Campaign? by Dan Smith If you ask ten book marketing experts “when is the best time to start my book publicity campaign?” or “what’s the optimal time to promote my book?” you’ll likely hear at least five variations of answers to these questions. We routinely […]

bookbaby book marketing services.

Book Marketing and Consulting Services Through BookBaby

Book marketing and consulting services are the newest addition on the menu of services for BookBaby authors. The publishing industry is changing at a breakneck pace, and it’s essential to have a publishing partner like BookBaby that helps meet the ever-changing needs of the book-buying public. Authors interested in hybrid publishing have been finding success […]

Tips to promote your book on a budget. Book publicity on a budget.

5 Ways to Promote Your Book on a Tiny Budget

By Sandy Smith, President, Smith Publicity How to market a book on a low budget is a question that comes up often. Not every author has a large amount to spend on book marketing. In working with thousands of books over twenty years, we’ve identified several initiatives authors with minimal budgets can do to attract […]

The Smith Publicity team at our Cherry Hill NJ headquarters.

Why Do Authors Choose Smith Publicity?

Nearly everyone in the industry knows about us. But if you’re a first-time author, new to publishing, and wondering why do people hire Smith Publicity? Here is one author’s story to provide insight. Also, we have many Smith Publicity reviews in our testimonials section, and they also cover how and why clients decide to go […]

Self-Publishing a Book: What to Consider Before You Do It

By Renee Lamine, Marketing Coordinator at IngramSpark You’ve crafting the perfect manuscript and poured months, and maybe even years, into writing it, so I completely understand that you’re eager to get that baby published. But before you jump into the next stage, it’s essential that you take the time to make sure your book is at its best. After […]

Thursdays with Dan: 4 Dirty Words of Book Marketing

by Dan Smith, CEO and Founder Hopefully the headline above caught your attention. That’s what we try to do in book publicity – quickly get the attention of an editor or producer and entice them to read further. If you’re still with me, enticement = accomplished. I don’t literally mean “dirty words,” like the “The […]

Book Marketing Predictions for 2015

By Dan Smith Since Smith Publicity was founded in 1997, every year in the book publishing and book marketing industries has been marked by one constant theme: change. Like many industries, and perhaps more so than most, the book world underwent a massive transformation via the convergence of technology and market changes. A snapshot from […]

5 Surprising Facts About Publishing & Book Marketing for Aspiring Authors

The bookselling industry now favors independent authors in many ways, and authors can market their books without publishers very successfully. Here are five surprising facts about book marketing today that show just how lucrative indie publishing can be: The majority of book sales are not from best sellers. This surprises most people, but think of […]