Power Book Publicity Tips for August 2008

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Thank you for your interest in TCI-Smith Publicity. Here is our latest Power Publicity Tips newsletter. In keeping with the “quick summer read” philosophy, this newsletter is a bit shorter that most.

In this issue:

  • August’s Top Five Publicity Tips
  • How Reaching UK Media Differs from US Media

On a company note, we will soon be reaching our 500th client. TCI Smith Publicity started in 1997 and we’ve been growing strong each year. It will be a very proud moment when we reach this milestone in the very near future.  Our 500th client will be the recipient of some special gifts!

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TCI-Smith Publicity
Power Publicity Tips Newsletter
August 2008


This Issue’s Top 5 Power Publicity Tips


1. Blog BEFORE Book Launch: Blogs are a great way to build excitement around a new book’s release. Many authors make the mistake and wait until the book is just about ready to launch. If you have a blog, start telling people about your upcoming book months before it is ready to purchase. Use your blog to announce your book related events.

2. Prelaunch Initiatives. As with the blog advice above, we recommend authors (and their publishers) have basic book information posted online well in advance of your release date. Title, date of release, synopsis, and author bio is just the start. Just like Search Inside on Amazon, offer readers samples of your writing (perhaps the first chapter) to show off your style or entice them with your must have information.

3. Author Marketing. Promoting a book isn’t all about the book. Yes, I know … that may seem confusing. Author Marketing—or what we call “personality cultivation” is just as important. Promoting you, the author, as an expert in your field or on a topic, will not only bring exposure for your new book, but will bring attention to past projects. If you are looking to attract clients or speaking opportunities, this strategy is crucial. Author Marketing is especially important for non-fiction authors, but can be executed for fiction work as well.

4. Author Articles. If you are trying your own Author Marketing, one strategy we have talked about in the past is writing an article based on a topic in your book (usually between 700 and 1500 words). One tip on how to use the article is to offer them on your website for free—as long as the outlet gives you credit and uses the “About the Author” blurb you provide (which you should have your website!).

5. Trying doesn’t mean succeeding but certainly everybody who succeeded has tried.” by Matthias Schmel. Remember to try for big media exposure. Can it be a long shot—sure, but you will never know if you don’t try.

Seven Tips to Expose Your Book to UK Media


Over the years, we have had many UK authors looking to promote their books in the US/Canadian market, as well as US authors looking to reach UK readers (which is why we opened a UK branch in 2007).

Ben Cameron, our London-based publicist, shares seven ways to reach UK media—and how the media can differ “across the pond.”

1.     Targeting is key. While the UK has a large and very active media market compared to its population, it is small enough that press releases and press contacts can be tailored specifically to the newspaper/magazine/radio or television show that you are pitching to. A shotgun approach with a single generic press release that is designed to hit as many targets as possible is unlikely to hit any.

2.     Know your media. Watch, listen and read first!  Get to know them before you talk to them and ask yourself basic questions that will help you to target them. What/who is their audience?  What biases do they have? What issues do they like to talk about?  How long are their articles or interviews?  Adjust your pitch accordingly.

3.     Make it personal. Because there are less of them you can get them to know who you are. Has something extraordinary happened to you at some time in your life? Even if it is unrelated to your book they might be interested in it (and they will give your book a plug if they do!).

4.     Be an expert. Whatever your subject, let the media know that you are someone they can call for a quote or an interview whenever they write about that subject. And when they call be sure to give them something interesting so that they keep calling.

5.     Make your message British. It should go without saying, but make sure that what you have to say fits in with British culture or issues. A book about baseball will always struggle to get coverage. But, a book about a small-town underdog team that got a dream chance to play and defeat a huge star-studded champion team (in which the game happens to be baseball) could be in with a chance. That is something Brits can relate to!

6.     “Top tips” Ever notice how most magazine articles have additional bite-sized tips or facts about the subject in a column alongside the main article? Those ‘sidebars’ are a great way to get your book mentioned. Give the media a few snappy sound bites (like these!) and you could get in there.

7.     Don’t be pushy, be nice! Of course you are being pushy – you are phoning someone up out of the blue and trying to convince him or her to write about your book – but at least be pleasant about it.  Even if they say no! Especially if they say no! They are much more likely return to your book when the subject suddenly and unexpectedly becomes big news if you did not get angry when they previously told you they were not interested. It happens a lot more than you think.

Thanks, Ben!

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