Keys to Effective Non-Fiction Book Marketing Service

Non-fiction books are typically ideal for book marketing campaigns as they provide “real-life” information and clear, strong pitching platforms. From self-help, political and historical to New Age/Spirituality and a myriad of other non-fiction genres, the media responds well to non-fiction books when they are presented in a clear, persuasive, and compelling manner.

In non-fiction book marketing campaigns, the key is reaching radio and TV show producers and feature writers at newspapers and magazines, because these outlets want to provide information to their viewers and readers which can improve lives or which educates, entertains, creates controversy, or sheds new or interesting light on events or people. In a non-fiction book marketing campaign, zero in on the most compelling aspects of the book, and use these angles to open doors which lead to exposure for you as an author and your book.

Marketing Authors as Much as Books

An author is often surprised when a publicist tells him/her that they will be promoted as much as their book in a non-fiction book marketing campaign. When it comes to broadcast interviews, “no one wants to interview a book,” it’s the person who matters. Exposure for the author inevitably equates to exposure for the book, and vice-versa. Any author of any non-fiction book, whether they realize it or not, is an expert in the subject about which they wrote. Why? They will be perceived that way because they wrote a book on the topic. When it comes down to it, “you are whatever your publicist says you are. If an author is presented and marketed as an expert, media will often refer to them as exactly that. Leave any humbleness or shyness “at the door” during a campaign!

The essentials in a successful non-fiction book marketing campaign include:

  • Identify and utilize the specific elements in the book that will attract the most media attention
  • Think like a producer or editor; put yourself in their shoes an understand what they are looking for and need
  • Think of your non-fiction book marketing campaign as a marathon more than sprint. Publicity takes time and patience typically results in sustainable success
  • Creativity – whether marketing a book yourself or hiring a firm, keep in mind that creativity in how information is presented key. The competition is fierce, so you and your book need to stand out from the crowd.

Implemented correctly, most non-fiction book marketing campaigns should attract significant media attention.