Power Book Publicity Tips for November 2012

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  • Turn You Book Into a Movie! New Film Treatment Service
  • Your Book as a Gift: What You Can Do to Get Exposure During the Holidays, by Sandra Poirier-Diaz
  • BookBaby and Smith Publicity Partner for the Ultimate Publishing Contest
  • Join Us at the Miami International Book Fair, Nov. 16-18

Smith Publicity Launches Film Treatment Service

If you are exploring turning your fiction or non-fiction book into a movie, the first step is creating a film treatment. This document is a high-impact, first person synopsis of the book and is the most important document in the book-to-movie process.

Once you have a film treatment, your theatrical agent (if you don’t have one yet, a film treatment can be used to attract a theatrical agent) has what he or she needs to present your work to studios. There are gatekeepers who protect studio executives from poorly written treatments, so getting it right and having a top-notch treatment is critical.

Studios and agents rarely read unsolicited books. If books sales are astronomical, a theatrical agent or studio executive might pursue the author’s literary agent or the author himself to secure option rights. This happens, but only when sales justify the gamble. For lesser-known books, the treatment provides the cinematic snapshot of the book’s narrative.

A film treatment is typically 15 to 30 or so pages. For the treatment to be an accurate representation of the author’s work, it is essential the treatment writer know the story (almost) as well as the author. This is especially important with works of fiction as authors infuse their stories with personal touches that make each scene and each character unique. The treatment writer must recognize these personal moments and then include them in the cinematic rendition of the original story.

The treatment is written in a first-person, active verb style meant to keep the reader’s attention from the logline to the last line. This is a key point. No passive voice, past tense language allowed. It must be present and powerful.

A treatment “shows” the reader what the book would like as a film. If the reader can: a) visualize the story presented in the treatment, and b) likes the story presented therein, the book has a chance to make it through the processes, which eventually lead to a film.

If you believe your book can translate well cinematically and are interested in arranging a consultation, the first step in the film treatment service, please contact us at info@smithpublicity.com or 856.489.8654 x306.For more information about the service, please visit: https://www.smithpublicity.com/smith-publicity-film-treatment-service/.

Your Book as a Gift:
What You Can Do To Get Exposure for Your Book During the Holidays
By Sandra Poirier-Diaz, President of Smith Publicity

The holiday season presents authors with many opportunities to market and sell their book. Even titles that aren’t recent releases can find new purchase as a perfect gift!  Get into the holiday spirit with these steps to help create awareness about you and your book:

1. Local chain stores and independent book stores. If you haven’t already, visit your local bookstores and talk to the manager (best to go when it is NOT busy). Introduce yourself as a local author and bring a copy of your book. Inquire if they have a local title section and ask if they would consider including your book—signed by you—to be part of the display. Having your book with a distributor may be necessary to do this. If you do not have a distributor, you can try offering a few copies of your books on a consignment basis. Tip: if you are an author, you most likely are very familiar with their store. Offer genuine compliments to show your support of their store, especially if it is a smaller independent business.

2. Book signing/events. Whether in a book store or a related venue, this can be a festive time to offer your book to potential buyers. A related venue may be a health food store for a diet or nutrition book, a toy shop/gift shop for your novel or children’s book, or a pet store for your book with a dog as its main character. Be creative! And offer, if it makes sense, a talk or seminar to make it more of an event. Have fun with this!

3. Local media’s Gift Guides. Contact your local newspapers—big and small—to see if they are featuring a “local gift guide” story. Present review copies of your book (even offer copies of your book as part of a holiday donation or contest) and a few bullets of who would enjoy this book as a gift. Examples: for the man who loves action war stories with heart, for the 7 to 10 year old who likes animals, for the busy mom looking for tips to prepare healthy dinners picky kids will eat. Play up your local connection! Let people know where they can buy your book, especially a personalized autographed copy for the gift recipient. If your book is available at a local store (they’d love the additional press coverage!), let the newspaper know.

BookBaby and Smith Publicity Partner for the Ultimate Publishing Contest

Whether you’re a seasoned author or a first-time writer, nothing is more daunting than the publishing process! But with a little help from Smith Publicity, BookBaby Publishing, and other outstanding partners, you could be on your way to bestseller status!

Valued at over $10,000 this publishing package is the author’s equivalent of taking a limo to the grand opening of your first motion picture. And it can be yours, free.

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Join Us at the Miami International Book Fair, Nov. 16-18

 Smith Publicity is exhibiting at the Miami Book Fair International November 16—18.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to meet with a Smith representative, please let us know. Otherwise, please stop by our booth! For more information, please visit: www.miamibookfair.com