Power Book Publicity Tips for October 2012

In this issue:

  • Announcement: New Amazon Optimization and Reviewer Service
  • Why Amazon Optimization is Important, by Corinne Liccketto
  • Contest: Ebook Retailer Leads the Search for “America’s Next Author”
  • Upcoming Event: Self-Publishing Book Expo (Oct. 27)


Announcing Our New Amazon Optimization and Top Reviewer Service Options

Authors and publishers often wonder how to make their book stand out online. As more and more books are published each year—1.5 million in 2011 traditionally and self-published according to Bowker—the competition and clutter in the marketplace has increased dramatically.

With so many titles available, how do you increase the chances that readers find YOUR book among the millions for sale on Amazon?

Smith Publicity works with experts to provide Amazon Optimization and Amazon Top Reviewer services designed to attract readers to your profile on Amazon and entice key Amazon reviewers in your genre to complete and post reviews to your Amazon page(s). With these two programs, you will be working with experts who will learn the ins and outs of you and your project, and then guide you through the process of putting your book in position to attract the largest audience possible. You can choose one or both services. Ideally, they should be done as soon as your book is listed on Amazon and your book/e-book is available for reviewers to read.

Amazon Optimization Service:
Helping Readers Find You and Your Book on Amazon

Your Amazon Optimization Consultant will:

  • work with you to create key words or “tags,” to increase search-ability,
  • direct numerous people on their team to your book with these key words to continue to drive up the search-ability of your book,
  • link your book to other best-selling books in your genre so that when browsers looks for a best-selling author in your category, they have a better chance of finding your book,
  • create an in-depth book description and author bio for Amazon’s main book page, plus a separate author page augmented with links to your “assets” such as your book trailer, website, social media, and ongoing press clippings, and
  • provide “Search Inside” uploads, if needed.

Amazon Top Reviewers:

Targeting Key Reviewers to Write and Upload Reviews to Your Amazon Page

Your Amazon reviewer consultant will present your book or e-book to the top Amazon.com reviewers in your genre to post reviews on your page. These top reviewers have thousands of followers and a review from them drives traffic to your Amazon page.

Get Started

The Amazon Optimization and Amazon Top Reviewer services are appropriate for all genres—fiction, nonfiction, adult, YA and children’s—even older titles. The services can be executed together or separately. It is ideally done at a book’s launch, but can be done at any time. Please email or call for pricing.

info@smithpublicity.com or 856.489.8654 x309

Why Amazon Optimization Matters

By Corinne Liccketto, Smith Publicity Sales & Marketing Manager

It is now easier than ever for authors to self-publish and manage their Amazon book sales. This is true for both physical books and e-books. This is also a double-edged sword for new authors as the competition to get noticed by readers on Amazon gets more difficult with thousands of new books added each day.

From the moment your book is available on Amazon, it is vital that you are putting the tools in place to improve the visibility, search-ability and general attractiveness of your Amazon book page. Everyone talks about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites. These same principles can, and should, be applied to your book’s Amazon page.

Some of the tools that Amazon makes available to authors to help improve the visibility of their page can include Search Inside, setting up an Author page, tagging your book with key words, uploading a book trailer and linking your blog through to your Amazon page. There are also ways to connect your book on Amazon to other bestselling books.

Some key Amazon features every author should consider:

Search Inside: Search Inside allows readers to get a “sneak peek” at your book’s content before committing to making a purchase. This is a great sales and marketing tool all authors should take to compete on Amazon.

Key Words: Readers, often overwhelmed by the thousands of options on Amazon, use Amazon’s search/browse feature to find the products their looking for. Tagging your book with key words helps readers find your book much more easily, as you’ve tagged it with the key words the reader will be using to search.

Author Pages: Amazon makes Author Pages available to authors. This is your opportunity to connect directly with readers through your bio, a complete list of your published books, a book trailer, and by pulling in your social media.

Amazon Optimization can appear to be daunting but it is incredibly important to not only be on Amazon, but to also be set up and optimized in a way that consumers can find your book in the first few pages when searching by key word or category. These simple steps can make the difference between someone finding your book (and making a purchase) and your book getting “lost” on Amazon.

It is important to remember that the majority of small press and/or self-published books sales go through Amazon. Make sure your book is positioned for success!

E-book Retailer Leads the Search for “America’s Next Author”

Aspiring writers, take note: eBookMall.com is leading the cause to reinvent the traditional writing contest. eBookMall’s “America’s Next Author” is now accepting submissions through Tuesday, October 9th.

“This is not your average writing contest,” says eBookMall Managing Director Martijn Leenders. “In most writing contests, authors are left in the dark without ever knowing what other people entered or why they didn’t win, and the general public is often left out of the equation all together. This contest will be transparent, a social experience that reveals what real people really want to read.”

Writers can submit stories at ebookmall.com/americasnextauthor. Submissions should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words and feature only original material that has not been published anywhere else. Entering the contest is free and the grand prize is $5,000 – not to mention priceless exposure as an up-and-coming author. Two runners-up will receive $500.

As with traditional writing contests, eBookMall seeks submissions featuring well-written stories and engaging characters, but America’s Next Author is different in one very significant way: contestants can influence their chances of winning by mobilizing their fans through social media and word-of-mouth promotion. Encouraging friends, family, and fans to vote will be crucial to the winning author’s success.

Of course, it’s not designed to be a simple popularity contest. A panel of experienced professionals from the publishing industry (“the jury”) will oversee the competition. The jury will read entries and provide critical feedback to authors in a public forum. Like American Idol, this professional criticism may (or may not) impact voting. The jury will also award four wildcards, guaranteeing their preferred contestants will make it to the “finals” round of competition, and will choose the ultimate winner from three finalists in early December.

Founded in 1999, eBookMall is a veteran in the growing e-book industry. The retailer offers digital books from the world’s biggest publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, and MacMillan. Books are available in PDF and ePub formats for Windows and Mac computers, Android tablets, dedicated eReaders, and mobile phones


Self-Publishing Book Expo

Saturday, October 27th, Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers

Smith Publicity will be exhibiting at the Self-Publishing Book Expo on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. The exhibit hall is FREE to all attendees!

To register for admission to the panels, please visit: http://selfpubbookexpo.com/panel-ticket-info/. Attendees must register in advance for the panel “Publicity Brainstorming: Target New Promotion Ideas in One-on-One Sessions with PR Pros” and to meet with Smith Publicity’s Corinne Liccketto for a one-on-one.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to confirm a meeting; otherwise, feel free to stop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you!