Why Media Coverage is Essential to Author Marketing

There are various ways to implement an author marketing program, especially now with the wonders of the Internet and social media, etc. Blog reviews can start the launch of a book to bestseller status. Endorsements on Facebook from well-known people can spark huge sales. Blog tours are becoming more popular. For e-books, special programs from Amazon and Kindle can be a very effective component of a publicity campaign and boost sales.

Note: The term “author marketing” refers to an aspect of the broader concept of book marketing. Much of what we as book publicists do is promote the author as much as a book. We call this “personality cultivation,” but in essence it is author marketing and building a personal brand for an author.

It’s all very exciting, and the seemingly daily advancements in Internet social platforms and services is truly amazing. However, too many authors are forgetting about the undeniable power of “old school” publicity and media coverage for author marketing initiatives. The fact is: Nothing gives an author and book more credibility than coverage in newspapers and magazines and interviews on radio and TV. Nothing else comes close to doing what media coverage can for an author.

Why do household-name authors such as Stephen King still do “media tours” on TV and radio? Because they know it spreads the word about their latest book.

Book publicity and author marketing, in its simplest form, is using the media as a conduit though which word of a book and author is spread to the general public and/or niche audiences. When a talk show host interviews an author, or an editor writes a feature story about a book, this provides automatic endorsement for the book. If the media is talking or writing about your book … it must be good … this is how it all works.

Media coverage is also an ideal part of a broader book publicity and author marketing campaign including social media. Links to stories and interviews are perfect content for social media platforms. Imagine Tweeting a link to an article about your book in USA Today. Think of the power of that. Think about how much buzz that could create about your book.

An absolute book publishing truth: Every author should include publicity and the pursuit of media coverage as part of their marketing plan. Whether you do it yourself or with the support of a book marketing agency, just do it! Reach out to the media. Get on the radio and TV. Get newspaper and magazine editors interested in you and your book.

Again, there is still nothing as effective in spreading the word about your book than traditional publicity!