Smith Publicity 2023 Scholarship

Different book types stacked on top of each other. The submission period is now closed. Please check back in early 2024 for more information about the 2024 Smith Publicity Book Marketing Scholarship.


Applicants must be a high school senior or university/college student in the United States.

To apply:

-Write a persuasive essay in response to the prompt: “Is there a book that you think should be required reading for everyone? Write an essay persuading your audience to read this book.”

-Minimum word count: 1,000, Maximum word count: 1,500 

-Include a cover page with name, school, and graduating year 

-All essays must be sent as either a Word document or PDF

-Send all entries to wraavsre@fzvguchoyvpvgl.pbz with the subject “2023 Scholarship”

-Deadline: June 9th, 2023

Smith Publicity 2023 Book Marketing Scholarship Winner Announced

The winner of Smith Publicity’s 2023 Book Marketing Scholarship has been named. Sydney M. Carver, a student at George Mason University, has been selected as this year’s recipient after submitting her persuasive essay on the topic of “Is there a book that you think should be required reading for everyone? Write an essay persuading your audience to read this book.”

Carver chose the book Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott to write about, and her beautiful and heartfelt description of the book and what she felt made it so special – as well as how it related to her life and outlook – highly impressed the team of judges at Smith Publicity.

For years, Smith Publicity has offered a book marketing scholarship opportunity to high school seniors and college undergraduates. Each applicant must write and submit a persuasive essay addressing the year’s prompt, as persuasive writing is very relevant to the work Smith Publicity does as book publicists.

“This annual initiative is very meaningful to the team at Smith Publicity, as we believe whole-heartedly in the persuasive writers of tomorrow,” says Corinne Moulder, Vice President of Business Development. “Sydney’s piece resonated with our team, and we are thrilled to be a small part of her journey as she reaches toward a very bright future.”

Read What 2023 Scholarship Winner Sydney M. Carver Has to Say 

Smith Publicity: You wrote a beautiful winning essay on the topic of “Is there a book that you think should be required reading for everyone? Write an essay persuading your audience to read this book.” What stood out about this topic to you?

Sydney Carver: Thank you so much! I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and to have written about something I feel so passionate about. Bird by Bird ignited my passion for both literature and life by demonstrating how writing can act as mirrors and windows into the true human experience. I was initially struck by the way this topic encouraged writers to advocate for books written to be read. With the assumption that many of the books that this topic calls for – are the ones written to make a positive impact upon readers (admittedly, my favorite type of book!). So, this idea of “required reading” sheds light on the reader’s duty to share – a duty often felt after reading a book that truly deepens our humanity. And any story that expands our sympathy and understanding of ourselves and others deserves a place on that list.  

Smith Publicity: Aside from the book you wrote about for this essay (which was very convincing, by the way — it’s now on multiple staff member’s “to read” list!), what is another book you’ve read recently that you’ve enjoyed and/or a favorite genre that you always come back to?

Sydney Carver: Though I love a good escape into fantasy through YA fiction, my reading habits tend to return again and again to nonfiction. Some people dismiss this genre as a bit dull, but I really enjoy learning about new topics this way! Especially when the author is evidently passionate about what they’re writing about. A non-fiction book that I recently enjoyed reading was “The Empathy Exams,” which consisted of a series of essays written by Leslie Jamison that examine Empathy as a theme in different ways. It’s incredibly compelling to read so I would absolutely recommend it for those who are interested in exploring the psychology of empathy as both an intellectual concept and an emotional experience.

Smith Publicity: You are a member of the class of 2026! What do you hope to do after you graduate?

Sydney Carver: When I began my studies at George Mason, I did not yet have a clear vision for my long-term goals and purpose. All I knew was that I wanted to graduate successfully and begin making my mark on the world. And while these remain goals of mine, I’ve found that my goals are now infused with a larger purpose. Of course, I want to continue reading and writing. But for me, 3 years from now, tackling that plan starts with learning through a different means: through traveling. I hope to not only explore different parts of the world but learn from different cultures and experiences to nurture a positive impact on the field that I work in. So, until then, I hope to practice living with more intentionality and purpose so that these dreams can flourish!

Congratulations to Sydney!

Those interested in applying for the 2024 scholarship should stay tuned for the official announcement and opening of the application process in early 2024.

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