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Author Promotion & Marketing Services

Author Promotion Services


Author Media Training

An author’s decision to undergo media relations training will be one of the smartest investments to advance his/her book. After investing time and money to produce a book, and the publicity to promote it, now authors will be prepared to handle every media opportunity that comes their way.


Book Event Exposure

Smith Publicity is an official reseller of Combined Book Exhibit (CBE). Combined Book Exhibit is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community. For over 75 years, CBE has been showcasing published works at national and international book shows and expos for just a small entrance fee and no need for you to travel.


Book Review Service

NetGalley’s service offers digital e-books and promotional materials to professional readers for potential reviews. There is no fee for the professional reviewers to use this service. NetGalley helps authors and publishers build communities, invite contacts to view e-books and promotional materials, and track those who have viewed their titles.


Amazon Optimization

Authors and publishers often wonder how to make their book stand out online. As more and more books are published each year—1.5 million in 2011 traditionally and self-published according to Bowker—the competition and clutter in the marketplace has increased dramatically.


Author Resources

Preparation is essential when entering into a book publicity campaign to promote a printed book or e-book, and various industry resources can add important elements for marketing campaign(s). From articles and organizations to trade shows and informational websites, an educated author is bound to be a more successful one!


Book Advertising for Authors

The more an author is in front of the public, the more likely his or her book will stand out from the thousands of other books published each year. The Internet has provided authors with a few more options for promotion and book advertising. So how should one go about author promotion and book advertising?


Why Authors Need Publicity

With thousands of new books released each day in the U.S., author publicity services are more critical than ever. Smith Publicity has been in the author marketing and publicity business for more than 18 years and has implemented thousands of publicity campaigns. We’ll help get you and your book recognized in a crowded marketplace.