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The "Smith Effect" was a factor in nearly half a million dollars of new business. That's a stellar ROI in anyone's language.

Nic Read, author ofSelling to the C-Suite
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Cozy Classics has been featured in media outlets including People, The New Yorker, Parents and the Wall Street Journal — exposure that went well beyond our expectations.

Holman & Jack Wang, authors of Cozy Classics
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With Smith beside me…finally someone took notice and my indie book will now be published anew as a lead title by St. Martin’s Press. I was in good hands with Smith.

William Klaber, author ofThe Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell
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Smith Publicity was largely responsible for the sold-out edition.

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Book Marketing. Book Publicity. Author Marketing. Smith Publicity makes you and your book newsworthy. Since 1997, we’ve forged a reputation as one of the finest book marketing agencies in the industry. We have worked with thousands of books and authors, both traditionally and self-published, from every genre. Through innovative strategies and a unique promotional methodology, we’ve established a stunning, unparalleled track record of book marketing success. We have offices in New Jersey and Toronto; our reach is international, and our influence in the publishing world undeniable. Smith Publicity has pushed books to the New York Times bestseller list, made first-time, self-published authors famous, and secured meaningful media coverage for publishers and authors. Radio and TV interviews, online features, newspaper and magazines articles and reviews – this is the type of local, national and international media coverage that moves books, builds brands, and raises national profiles. This is Smith Publicity.


Smith Publicity is the most experienced book marketing and book promotion agency in the industry. Since 1997, we have promoted thousands of books from every genre from self-published first time authors to traditionally published New York Times bestselling books.


In a very competitive, tough niche industry such as book marketing, only the innovative and relentless survive. Smith Publicity has not just survived, we’ve grown every year, for 17 consecutive years. This hasn’t happened by chance; it’s happened because we produce for our clients.

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Smith Publicity has book publicity programs and services to fit nearly any budget. We conduct aggressive national and international book marketing campaigns, short-term six week and one month publicity service packages, and provide consultation services, write press releases and much more.

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Founded in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run in a bedroom office to one of the best book marketing services a company can offer. Our long lasting media connections and innovative publicity processes enable us to put our authors in the best possible position to secure media coverage, spark book sales and create additional opportunities. Our book publicity services can help authors from all genres and include business book marketing services, fiction promotion, non-fiction author promotion, publishers. and more. View our book marketing campaign case studies here.

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