Join Us at The Frankfurt International Bookfair!

Combinded Book Display at The Frankfurt Book Fair


Display your book at the 2012 Frankfurt International Book Fair
Frankfurt, Germany: October 10-14


Perhaps no venue on Earth reaches the depth and breadth of the publishing industry the way the Frankfurt Book Fair does. It might be because of the near 300,000 in attendance, the eight full halls of exhibits covering 100 different countries, or maybe it’s just the reputation Frankfurt has as the industry’s 100% absolute must-participate event for over 60 years. One thing is certain however, and that’s that regardless of the cause, there’s no question that the Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important event on the publishing industry’s calendar each year. Reach publishers, agents, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians, book buyers, authors, journalists, rights executives, editors and so much more from a pool larger than any other all in one location.


Want your book displayed a Combined Book Exhibit?


Contact Kathy Weick to register or learn more about the event.



Price is $275 per book (call for multiple book discount). The registration deadline is 8/10






  • What is Combined Book Exhibit? Combined Book Exhibit is the largest book display company in the world. They offer an affordable solution to exhibiting your book, rather than putting out the expense of having your own booth at various shows. CBE showcases publishers and authors. Self-published authors are welcome
  • Will someone be in the booth to take questions? CBE always has a prime location at shows, and is visited by many throughout the show. Books are individually displayed in its own shelving unit. Their booth is manned by several professional staff members. If anyone asks about your book, CBE will be happy to take contact information and pass that along to you after the show
  • What’s included in the price? The price includes display of one book and inclusion in CBE’s exclusive show catalog. A physical copy of your book is required. Galley copies are acceptable. No authors are permitted to exhibit in CBE’s booth during the show. CBE does not promote your book, but presents it to exhibit attendees. You can create a buzz about your book being at the Frankfurt Book Fair by blogging about it, putting it on your Facebook and website.