E-Book Marketing Tips for Gaining More Readers

There’s no doubt about it, e-books are gaining in popularity because of their convenience, easy access and in most cases, lower prices. But authors shouldn’t just jump into this market without understanding and preparation. When doing e-book marketing, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Today we’ll look at how a website and blog can bring your book attention and spark sales.

You’ll find e-books being sold in a large number of online bookselling outlets. Getting your electronic book to those venues isn’t necessarily difficult; the challenge comes in sparking sales. An important part of an effective e-book marketing campaign is your website.

With a well designed website that’s optimized for search engines (i.e., that includes all the features that attract Google, Bing, Yahoo and others), you’ll have a place to write and post compelling things about your book. These can include a well-put-together synopsis, photos (if the book contains any), sample excerpts, and information explaining why the book will be appealing to readers. Never overlook a quality website in your e-book marketing efforts.

Having your site is set up to sell your e-book directly is ideal. If it’s not, the site is a great tool to direct readers to the place where they can purchase it.

In conjunction with your website, a blog is typically another vital component. Here you can write about anything that even vaguely relates to your book such as tips on writing, profiles of places mentioned in the book, character development (for novels), interviewing skills for doing research and many other topics.

A blog used in e-book marketing should be well-written and informative, but the main reason for the blog is to get search engine traffic by utilizing keywords – which means the blog must also be optimized in the same way as the website. Google and other search engines love to see new content springing up regularly, and it’s easier to do this with a blog than a website. All of your blog posts, of course, will have links to either your website or the place your e-book can be bought.

Here we’ve looked at just a few aspects of marketing with websites and blogs, but don’t forget that other publicity services are also critical in successful e-book marketing. Smith Publicity specializes in developing strategic publicity programs for authors and their books. If you’ve written an e-book and would like help putting it into the hands of buyers, call us at (856) 489-8654, or you can contact us through our website. We’ll get you on the right track fast.

Dan Smith is the owner and founder of Smith Publicity, a Cherry Hill, N.J.-based agency focused on book marketing and author publicity. Since 1997, the firm has grown to include offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. You can learn more about Smith Publicity on its official website, SmithPublicity.com.