E-Book Marketing with Book Reviews

A books reviewer saying something favorable can spark eBook sales. Book Reviews Can Spark eBook Sales

Given the exponential grown of everything digital these days, eBooks are of increasing importance to authors. Like copies in print, they need book promotion support to sell copies or downloads more accurately. Book reviews are one way to help spark eBook sales and are something every title needs. The concept of discoverability is of paramount importance to book sales, and book reviews that help target readers hear about a book or want to buy it have significant value. 

Many wild success stories of e-book marketing success and huge sales begin with word-of-mouth recommendations. In a multi-faceted eBook marketing campaign to generate word-of-mouth awareness and book sales, you can seek book reviews along with other promotional tactics. They include social media marketing, traditional publicity (media outreach and coverage), email newsletters, TV, radio, and podcast interviews.

Reviews are Highly Influential with Prospective Book Buyers

Self-published books are beginning to be reviewed by media as high up the chain The New York Times. The paper itself has reported its newfound openness to review books from outside the traditional publishing channel. It recognizes ongoing changes in the book industry landscape and the high quality of many self-published books today. An article on the subject took a bow to old-line publishers but was part of a larger story about an increased interest in self-published work. “Reviewers depend on publishers acting as winnowers, sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and at least attempting to make sure that they are sent books they are actually interested in.”

The Times’ comment can be extended to the value of eBook reviews with individual readers. Book buyers depend on reviewers to alert them to top-quality titles. In fact, book reviews are an effective eBook marketing tool because many book buyers wait to read reviews before they purchase. Therefore, when you receive several positive reviews, you can include them in the press materials you send to the media. You can also augment your eBook marketing by posting positive book reviews on your website, official social media pages, and book blogs.

The Internet Makes all eBook Reviews Available Globally

Virtually all eBook reviews today amount to book promotion globally. Before print publications had websites, their reviews were limited to people with access to their print issues. But, websites today have changed it. Once your eBook is reviewed, the internet picks up the review, and anyone can view it worldwide. Even if a website has a paywall, many have subscribers far outside their home area. The same is valid with online booksellers that sell internationally. All media exposure today, including reviews, is essentially global. It means no matter where your eBook marketing campaign originates, and its reach will extend far beyond a single country or region.

It is wisest to have a well-rounded book marketing program to spark eBook sales. For example, mention recent book reviews during online and offline radio, television and podcast interviews on which you appear. You can also write about positive book reviews you received blog posts and show reviews on your website and press materials. Book sales success often is incremental, and many elements work together.