Mike Albee — The Book Publicity Con Man Who Just Won’t Quit

I’ve posted about the amazing scamming and fraudulent adventures of the fake book publicist Mike Albee before. He’s also faced increasing scrutiny and criticism around the book industry, but rather than deter him, he just keeps expanding his scams. He is a man dedicated to his craft. Unfortunately.

Now, Albee has ventured into the book trailer business, this time apparently scamming both authors and the people who produce videos for him.

He has two new sites/businesses now, which state they’ve been in business for many years, although the websites were only created a month ago.



It also seems he has or had  numerous other non-book publicity companies, or minimally website  names,  including, among others:

* A baby products company, with his mysterious wife Lura Dold

* Disability advice

* Guitar lessons

* Agricultural products

Oh, he’s also apparently a journalist specializing in UFOs.

And…it appears he also claims to have been a pizza spinner, chef, bouncer, bartender, night time ‘pillow talk’ DJ, IT sales executive, Chief Executive Officer, and nighttime cleaning boy.

He’s a busy, busy guy.

The most recent rip-off that came to my attention was an Episcopal priest scammed out of $10,000 by Albee. Another person Albee owed money says that in a Skype conversation, Albee told him, “Good luck getting any money from me.”

To recap, in a little over one year Albee has created three phony book publicity companies and two book trailer companies.

Authors…just stay far, far away from Mike Albee. And if you encounter a book marketing related service that doesn’t provide any credentials, testimonials, or list any actual staff members…avoid that company. It just might be Mike Albee.