Cyber Monday 2014 – Make Your Book Jump off the (Virtual) Shelves!

by Brittney Karpovich, Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Smith Publicity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to reach consumers. Everyone is buzzing about the holiday season and what do people do during the holiday season? Buy.

Consumers will spend more money from now until Christmas than any other time of the year. As an author, why not capitalize on reader's buying sprees? Using the holiday season as a promotional springboard can be an ideal addition to your book marketing arsenal.

In recent years, Cyber Monday—the Monday after Thanksgiving—has gained popularity with consumers looking to do all of their holiday shopping from the comfort of their couches (or cubicles) following the craziness of Black Friday.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon is a popular stop for people doing their online holiday shopping. To help your book’s popularity and online sales, start by making sure your book is optimized on Amazon. See Amazon Optimization tips.

Consider offering a special price on Cyber Monday or even the whole weekend leading to Cyber Monday. Key retail dates for 2014: Friday, November 28 is Black Friday, Saturday, November 29 is Small Business Saturday, and Monday, December 1 is Cyber Monday, all good reasons for a book sale.

Use social media, newsletters, and word of mouth marketing to let readers know you will be offering a special pricing option.

Encourage readers to gift your book and e-Book. Print books make great gifts and for the technologically savvy reader, Amazon offers buyers a “gift your e-Book” option. It is easy for consumers to gift a book. All that is needed the gift recipient’s email address and the date the gift buyer would like the book delivered.

The Holiday Season can be the most wonderful time of the year for authors!

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