So, You’ve Got 3 Minutes to Share Your Story in a Live Interview… now what?

By Ellie Scarborough Brett, Media Bombshell owner and operator

You’re psyched!

You’ve just landed an interview with Kathie Lee to talk about your brand LIVE on the TODAY Show. It’s a pretty big deal. Sure, you’ve done local interviews before, and you’re pretty great at talking about your work {it’s how you’ve made money and built that bodacious brand, after all} but this will be your first chance to shine on a national level.

You get an email informing you of your airdate. 3 weeks from today. They give you a little information about the segment. It turns out that you’ll be on with another expert, and that you’ll have a total of three minutes between the two of you and the lovely host. They want you to send in some tips that you can share on a subject of their choosing. You know that you need to make them juicy. You need to rock your spotlight.

But, you get to thinking: between the host, the other expert and the tips that you’re sharing, how in the world are you going to have time to talk about your brand and share that incredible message of yours? 

Watch on, bombshell:

So, here’s your checklist:

  • Share enough of your philosophy & give enough value that people will want to find out more;
  • Make friends with the interviewer & the producer who booked you so that you’ll be asked back;
  • Tell the viewers what action you want them to take {i.e. go to my website, sign up for free emails. Etc.};
  • Make sure to whittle down your tips to three incredibly insightful ones.

You’ve got this bombshell! Any questions? Just shoot me a message.



Media Bombshell is a boutique-consulting agency that helps small business owners create thriving communities of loyal customers by leveraging the power of purposeful messaging & powerful sound bites. The agency also develops multi-platform media and video campaigns that have attracted coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, SHAPE Magazine and more. Media Bombshell is owned & operated by Ellie Scarborough Brett; former NBC broadcast journalist and owner of the Website Pink Kisses.

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