Smith Publicity’s Fall Travels

Smith Publicity’s Dan Smith and Alex Nye represented the company at the Self-Publishing Book Expo (SPBE) on November 15 in New York City. In addition to exhibiting, Dan Smith was a featured member on an advanced publicity panel discussion and an Ask the Experts roundup session at the conclusion of the expo.

The Smith exhibit stand was quite active, with many authors and industry representatives inquiring about our book marketing services. Many of the attending authors were in the pre-publishing phase, exploring self-publishing options and preparing for post-release initiatives such as book publicity. Other authors had finished books and were eager to learn about our publicity options. A number of previous Smith Publicity clients dropped by the stand to say hello, something we always enjoy!

Panel and lecture topics covered a wide variety of areas including marketing, social media, distribution, websites, book editing and formatting, and genre-specific discussions such as romance and children’s’ book publishing.

A big thank you to SPBE founder and organizer Diane Mancher, who always does a wonderful job with this increasingly popular event.

Smith Business Development Associate and Book Publicist, Sarah Miniaci visited the INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair on November 16. This was the event’s first year and Sarah found the event very exciting. She had the opportunity to meet with several people in the book industry as well as a few Smith clients. We are happy about the success of this show and looking forward to next year.

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