Exactly What is the Self-Publishing Revolution?

The self-publishing revolution, which began roughly ten years ago, continues today. The “gatekeepers” who previously determined what books got to market at the major publishing houses have long ago lost their exclusive status. The book publishing market has, and continues to be, wide open and democratized. Consider a statistic from Bowker that captures a five-year…
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Free “Book Marketing Tips and Insights” Book Download

Smith Publicity is now offering a free download of “Smith Publicity’s Powerful (and Sometimes Unusual!) Book Marketing Tips and Insights.” The 73 page PDF version book is a compilation of articles and/or blog posts written by Smith Publicity executives as material for the Smith Publicity “Power Publicity Tips” newsletter, or as posts for both the…
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Book Club Outreach: Five Keys to Reaching These Super Fans!

Book Club Outreach: Five Keys to Reaching These Super Fans! Book clubs can be a defining moment in any author's career. The success of any book is accelerated if book clubs get hold of it and begin spreading the news. That's why we call them "influencers" and that's why book club listings are a key…
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Podcasts and Book Publicity

Podcasts and Book Publicity Podcasts are digital audio files listeners download from the Internet onto their computers or phone (iPhones come with a podcast app for easy searching, lists, downloading), and are often subscribed to by listeners. They are a great way for authors to increase book discoverability, and they are growing in popularity. Podcasts…
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5 Things Literary Agents Wished Every Writer Knew

The 5 Things Agents Wished Every Author Knew As agents, we want your book to be a huge success. We really do. Our job is to sell your book to prospective publishers, and part of selling your book is selling you. Here are the top five things you can do that will make it easier…
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Timing is Everything: The Importance of Book Relevance and Media Lead Times

Book relevance is something every author should understand when engaging in book promotion. What is book relevance? It’s understanding how your book may relate to current events so you can secure more media coverage. For both fiction and non-fiction, tying your book into “real life” almost always opens media doors that might otherwise be closed.…
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