A War of Data and Paper

Some consider it a war… a war with a fate already decided.  Others believe it’s a developing tag team, advancing a cause. Regardless of how you see it, it is a curious debate that has many passionate supporters on both sides.  The issue is the print book versus e-book debate, which has exploded over the...
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Book Marketing Predictions for 2015

By Dan Smith Since Smith Publicity was founded in 1997, every year in the book publishing and book marketing industries has been marked by one constant theme: change. Like many industries, and perhaps more so than most, the book world underwent a massive transformation via the convergence of technology and market changes. A snapshot from 1997: Press...
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5 Surprising Facts About Publishing and Book Marketing: What Aspiring Authors Should Know

The bookselling industry now favors independent authors in many ways, and authors can market their books without publishers very successfully.

Here are five surprising facts about book marketing today that show just how lucrative indie publishing can be:

    Book Facts
  1. The majority of book sales are not from best...
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Cyber Monday 2014 – Make Your Book Jump off the (Virtual) Shelves!

by Brittney Karpovich, Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Smith Publicity It’s the most wonderful time of the year to reach consumers. Everyone is buzzing about the holiday season and what do people do during the holiday season? Buy. Consumers will spend more money from now until Christmas than any other time of the year. As an author, why...
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Printed Books 101: The Components of a Book (and where they go): A cheat sheet for self-published authors making print books

[This is an excerpt from 'Printed Book Design 101,' written by Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer.] For quick reference, here’s a cheat sheet of common components used in book design. Remember, most books don’t have all of these, so use this glossary to get the parts you DO have in the right place. Half title — This...
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