Must Haves for Every Author Website: Plus…7 Tips for Creating Author Website Content

By Sandra Poirier Smith, president of Smith Publicity As book publicists, we see huge value in an author’s website/blog. It serves as central hub where media, reviewers, and fans go to learn more about an author, his or her book, expertise, events, social media presence, etc. and hopefully becomes a place where viewers will be inspired...
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Biggest Mistakes Author Make on their Amazon Page

With the way books are discovered today—more and more online rather than on bookstore shelves—how a book is presented on Amazon both to the consumer and to search engines can greatly impact visibility and book sales. The biggest mistakes authors make is not having complete information, including:
  1. Book Cover. Upload your cover. Sounds simple, but thousands...
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The Song Remains the Same…Authors – Book Marketing Scam Artists Want YOU

It’s really starting to get old. I feel like I’ve been fighting low-life book publicity bottom-dwelling scam artists forever. Of course, there is the infamous Mike Albee, the King of Fake, who started not one, not two, but at least three bogus book marketing agencies, bilking authors out of thousands and thousands of dollars. This...
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