Learning the Value of the ISBN and Metadata

Metadata in its simplest definition is data about data. So what does this mean for authors? Metadata is any information about your book that is not directly related to the plot. So your title, back cover blurb and keywords about your book are all your metadata. For authors looking to sell books online, metadata is...
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Book Publicity Glossary of Terms, Part One

by Dan Smith The book marketing industry has its own jargon, and too often we don’t slow down enough to fully explain what it all means. Like most industries, we use lots of inside terms to succinctly describe and communicate what it is we do. At Smith Publicity we use common publicity-industry terms, but also our...
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Why Do You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Self-Published Book?

shutterstock_190955117 From Amazon's CreateSpace to Lulu, there are many platforms where authors can self-publish their books. Many of these offer options for self-published books to get into the databases of traditional book distributors, but getting book stores to buy them, or getting meaningful media coverage, can be very...
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6 Must-Follow Blogs & Websites for Authors

shutterstock_205431031 If you've tried researching book marketing tips online, then you know there is a plethora of information. How can you separate the ideas that will work from those that won't? Some information you find online is written by authors who are solely promoting their book, or by book...
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Top 3 Online Book Promotion Tools

shutterstock_164517569 Whether you're a self-published indie author or a NY Times best seller, all authors have the same goal – to get their book in the hands of readers. With hundreds of thousands of books published every year in the United States alone, it's important to formulate a...
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Understanding Fonts & Typography

By Joel Friedlander Continuing the discussion from our February 2015 newsletter on the importance of the outward appearance of a book, here is a deeper look into fonts and typography. Great information whether you are self-publishing or discussing design elements  with your publisher. The design of your book has a critical part to play in how...
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