Power Book Publicity Tips for June 2010

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  • Article: Promoting Your Book During the Summer?
  • Tips for Authors: 5 Reasons Why Summer is a Good Time to Start a Publicity Campaign

BookExpo America 2010 was a success with attendance at 21,919! Exhibitors from around the world gathered to provide attendees and industry peers with information, from electronic publishing to printing options and everything in between. Thank you to all of those who visited our booth and held meetings with us to exchange information. While several vendors, including us, were disappointed with the shortened timeline for the event, Reed Exhibitions, show owner, already announced the good news that the event is being restored to three days from two for BEA 2011. If you didn’t make it this year or you’re just planning ahead, mark your calendars for BEA 2011 to be held on May 23-26, 2011. If you attended, we’d love to hear your feedback on the short show and your overall show experience. Please visit our Facebook page and join in on the discussion: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=14995&post=68115&uid=254498669526#post68115

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–Smith Publicity will be exhibiting at the National Speakers Association (NSA) Convention July 17-20, booth #15. The show is being held in Orlando, FL at the Orlando World Center Marriot Resort. Please let us know if you’re attending and would like to confirm a meeting. For more information, please visit: http://nsaconvention.org/.

–Trade Show Marketing Deadlines: If you’re interested in our Combined Book Exhibit service, where your book(s) will be displayed and catalogued, for the American Library Association or the National Education Association conventions, the deadline is June 11. Please follow this link to register: http://www.smithpublicity.com/?page=cbe

–Starting next Monday, we’ll be posting a ‘Tip a Day,’ by Dan Smith, CEO & Founder, on how to maximize your publicity exposure. Learn how to make your media runs work for you! Visit our blog on June 7 for the first of 5 tips: www.smithpublicity.blogspot.com.

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Promoting Your Book During the Summer?

by Sandy Diaz, President of Smith Publicity, Inc.


While many book campaigns begin in September or January, summer provides a great venue for authors to spread the word out about their books. Remember, newspapers, radio shows, magazines, etc. are still looking for entertaining and informative content.

New activities and hobbies. Both fiction and non-fiction books can be tapped for summer exploration of new interests. For example, if you have a non-fiction book about investing, a solid angle would be teaching parents to talking to their children about investing and projects they can do together during summer around financial literacy. If your novel is about a musician, promote your book by offering tips on how to begin music lessons as an adult, child or both together!

Family traditions. If your book is at all related to family traditions and children activities, the summer opens opportunities for tie in ideas. Many novels have a family theme. If yours covers multi-generations, one angle to explore are tips to create new traditions in families (family reunion picnic), activities many ages will enjoy (cooking, sharing recipes, old fashioned card games, fishing etc.), and how to pass this tradition on to the youngest in the family (making a scrap book for each year highlighting the fun and specific memories).

Travel. If your book is set in an exotic location, you have probably done some research on the area. A travel essay or tips on traveling in this location is a good way to get your name and book in the media. Also, summer is the season of travel which will make it easier for your publicist to ground the content of your book into developing news trends.

Children’s book. This is a no brainer as parents are always looking for educational and entertaining ideas for their children during the long, hot summer months.

Are you and your book ideal for television? August is a great time to reach out to producers at nationally syndicated programs as they begin forming their Fall schedule.

Beach read. Is your book a great escape from reality? Promote your book as a vacation companion.

Be creative—have fun! The goal is to provide the media and audiences with solid information related to your book which will give you the chance to tell the world about your book.

Tips for Authors: 5 Reasons Why Summer is a Good Time to Start a Publicity Campaign


1.     Time to Build You and Your Book’s Credentials: While some national television shows go on a summer filming hiatus, producers at local, regional and some national outlets have time slots that need to be filled; newspaper and magazine editors must provide new content to their readers; bloggers still regularly blog; wire services still circulate articles, etc. Summer can be a great time to build media credentials for you and your book and to increase your chances of soliciting national attention, come Fall.

2.     Strengthen Your Interview Delivery: Again, since many desired national television shows will be ‘on hold’ until August when producers begin putting together their Fall schedule, the summer is a great time to perfect your interview skills. Strengthening your skills on local and regional shows during the summer will give you confidence in your message when pursuing national interview exposure in the Fall.

3.     Less Author Competition: Since many authors do wait until the fall to start their publicity campaign, you’ll have less competition to solicit media attention. With less authors vying for media attention, you can take the time to stand out from your peers.

4.     Solicit Attention for Holiday Gift Guides: Magazine and gift guide editors typically work four to five months ahead of each issue, meaning some are already putting together their October issue! If you have a book that is perfect for a winter holiday gift, starting your publicity campaign in the summer will increase your chances of having it picked up in the holiday gift guides.

5.     Build Your Online Presence: Make the most of your summer months by building your online presence. Encourage byline article circulation; establish your social network via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; and post regularly on your blog – or start a blog if you don’t already have one in place. Media contacts will most likely search you online before they move forward with an opportunity. The more online visibility you have, the better!

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