New Podcast Episode: Storytelling in Business Writing with Tarryn Reeves

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In this month’s episode, we welcome guest Tarryn Reeves, CEO and Founder of Four Eagles Publishing, to the show. Tarryn discusses the role that storytelling has in business writing, and how it can elevate an author’s professional brand! Let’s dive in…

First, Tarryn introduces us to her hybrid publishing company, Four Eagles Publishing, which works with entrepreneurs to create best selling books that act as marketing tools and authority builders for their businesses. Being an entrepreneur herself, Tarryn’s passion for helping business owners is apparent – but she says it’s really “seeing the magic that can occur when you have a book as part of your business strategy” that drives her.

How can storytelling help create a successful business?

It’s important to first recognize that storytelling doesn’t just help businesses; storytelling has an amazing effect on human beings as a whole – it brings us together. Storytelling is part of the very fabric of who we are and who we have always been, as it helps us to emotionally connect to one another, trust each other, and feel safe with each other. 

It’s an especially powerful tool for businesses because traditionally in business, people are so used to seeing a polished, corporate image that it’s difficult (without storytelling) for a business to truly build trust with people. Ultimately, businesses desperately need people’s trust, because they are asking for their money. Who wants to hand money to someone they don’t trust? It’s crucial to gain the trust of your potential customers in business, and an excellent way to do that is through storytelling.

Will storytelling help me make money in my business?

Ultimately, the answer is yes. However, aside from making money, storytelling will open the door to new business by creating a safe space of vulnerability. Storytelling will also allow authors to offer a different, deeper kind of value to anyone who picks your book out of the millions available to read. Even if the reader doesn’t turn into a paying customer, if you write a really solid book full of value, they will surely take something away from it, share it with others, and the impact of your content will go on and on.

There is no telling how far this can take you and how much potential business might be gained in the short and long term.

How can a business owner incorporate storytelling into their business?

It doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all business owners to be a storyteller. Many business owners are used to creating cut-and-dry content, not painting a picture with words. However, business owners can build their storytelling muscle by first asking themselves the question: why do I do what I do? When business owners reflect on the very root of their business and why it exists in the first place, stories will come.

It is these stories of beginnings and building and why that consumers want to hear and will respond best to. Again, business owners need to recognize that they are selling to human beings, so it’s advantageous to appeal to the humanity of consumers. This can be done through your website copy, your blog, your emails and newsletters, and your book.

What is one tip or trick for a business owner looking to be a better storyteller?

Entrepreneur promoting business. Writing business books that tell a story. Easy: begin with your own lived experiences. It can be daunting to think about storytelling from scratch – but there’s no need for that! Lived experiences make for the best stories. Your story doesn’t necessarily need to be strictly about something that happened in your business, either; a story about how your childhood experience impacted what you do now, or where the idea for your business/passion came from, or something you’ve overcome to be successful today, will be the most impactful stories for you to tell and for others to hear.

Tarryn Reeves works with entrepreneurs to create best-selling books that magnetize leads to them, propelling their businesses to the next level. A USA Today best-selling author with 13 books under her belt on Amazon’s best-selling list and a handful more in the works, she is an author, publisher, and intuitive book coach who knows what it takes to create books that sell — and that sell readers on their authors’ value propositions.

Through Four Eagles Publishing, Reeves provides client-authors a “joyful and simple process for writing, publishing and marketing your best-selling book.” Leading by example, Reeves is creating a powerful network of innovators, rule-breakers, disruptors, leaders, and visionaries, all building on the same foundation of authenticity at the intersection of business and art.

As a renowned speaker, Reeves also often talks about how becoming a best-selling author can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, how to become a best-selling author without writing an entire book from scratch, and using storytelling to magnetize leads. She speaks from experience. Learn more at and