Smith Publicity Named to PRNEWS Agency Elite Top 100 List for 2024

PRNews Agency Elite, Top 100 Book PR & marketing firms for authors & publishers. PRNEWS Recognizes Smith Publicity as a Top Innovator

For the third consecutive year, Smith Publicity is thrilled to announce that we have been named to the PRNEWS Agency Elite Top 100 list. This prestigious list identifies the most innovative PR and communications firms in the business, which our team is honored to be ranked among.

The list includes a diverse selection of the most high-performing and highly trusted companies across the PR and communications industries. Smith Publicity, of course, serves authors, publishers, business owners, personalities, and beyond in the book marketing niche.

Smith Publicity Is Dedicated to Author Education 

Smith Publicity is focused on offering the highest quality service, best value, and most creative strategies to each author and publisher we work with. In an ever-changing industry and digital world, our team prides itself on continuously learning, growing, and evolving our services to meet the current needs of our clients.

Our dedication to education doesn’t stop with our team, however; Smith Publicity is passionate about sharing insight and knowledge with authors through our ongoing free webinar series, robust and frequently updated blog, and popular All Things Book Marketing podcast. Additionally, our team enjoys speaking at industry events around the country, including presenting at the 2023 IBPA Publishing University conference in California.

Our Team Values Growth and Wellbeing

In a time where burnout is increasingly common, especially in the fast-paced and high pressure PR and marketing industries, Smith Publicity highly values the wellbeing of our team. Not only does this focus on wellbeing—including providing team members with opportunities for personal and professional growth, continued learning, and work-life balance—serve our team, but it allows our team to better serve our clients. In the end, everyone wins.

“We are honored to be named to this prestigious list for the third year and to be in such good company,” said Sandy Poirier Smith, CEO of Smith Publicity. “Each year, Smith Publicity works to raise the bar in terms of our services and offerings in an ever-evolving industry for the benefit of our valued authors, publishers, and partners. We are thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to industry education and emphasis on wellbeing, and look forward to what lies ahead in 2024.”

Our team is grateful to be starting the new year off with this esteemed award, and we look forward to a bright 2024 and to continuing to offer authors and publishers the very best in terms of service, experience, and results.