Are You Unintentionally Hindering Your Speaking Business Growth? 

Uncover the Top 5 Missteps Most Business Authors Make That Prevent Steady Income and 3 Ways to Fix

By Andria Younger, Coach and Growth Strategist for Business Authors Who Speak

I’ve been in the speaking industry for over 15+ years, and the last 4 years have led to rapid change in how people discover, define speaking, consume information, and interact with industry leaders.

Just think, a speaking business is no longer about being on a stage in front of a live audience.

It’s now…

  • Virtual speaking events
  • Podcasts
  • Online coaching
  • Private communities
  • Video posts 
  • Digital creators with huge followers

As a business author aiming to build a speaking empire, beware of the rapid industry changes and these potential pitfalls that can derail your speaking business, cut your earnings, and undermine your authority.

  1. Lack of Personal Brand Strategy

Have you ever tried to catch a swarm of flies with a small net? That’s the equivalent of having no personal brand strategy. 

Establish yourself as THE indisputable expert in your field, not just another generalist business speaker. It translates into higher speaking fees.

  1. Undefined Niche 

Don’t try to be all things to all people. You’re essentially shooting in the dark without a specific target niche and core messaging. 

It’s akin to throwing a party without inviting anyone – you miss the opportunity to establish a deep connection and engage meaningfully, not standing out from the crowd.

  1. Inactive on Social Platforms

Not sharing insights, advice, and content is a surefire way not to build an audience or control your brand. 

This approach is a fast track to losing your audience’s interest, missing out on opportunities, and declining sales and authority. 

  1. Focus on Speaking Gigs Only

Speaking isn’t the final goal. It’s merely the beginning. 

Treat your speech as a gateway to multiple income avenues – online courses, private communities, coaching, consulting, etc. Exclusive reliance on speaking engagements is akin to a risky roller coaster ride. 

  1. Adaptability is Key

Maintaining authority requires continuing learning to stay relevant and up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technology.

Remember, your competitors are content creators with massive followers. They constantly post, engage, give away valuable thought leadership for free, and use technology (i.e., Chapt GPT) to produce content consistently.

Are you struggling with your speaking business? Here are 3 Ways to Fix the Problem:

STEP 1 – Focus Narrowly

Identify your core audience. Focus on shared interests, challenges, and desires, and align them with YOUR personal story – the cornerstone of an effective speaking business strategy.

STEP 2 – Double Down on Content Creation

Strive to publish engaging content 5-7 days a week. Your content should act as a magnet, attracting audiences and guiding them to your various income streams. You want to build your authority, personal brand, and followers.

Step 3 – Maximize LinkedIn Outreach

Commenting on LinkedIn is the new cold calling.  Online sales prospecting requires you to engage daily and connect with lighthouse clients, prospective clients, fellow speakers, and creators whom your audience follows. This way, you have a constant pipeline for speaking and other revenue streams. 

Navigating the pitfalls of running a speaking business is vital to unlocking growth. By refining your brand, focusing on your niche, staying active online, diversifying income streams, and embracing change, you set the stage for success. 

Remember, the difference between stagnating and soaring lies in addressing these common blunders. Let’s turn these challenges into stepping stones for growth. Are you ready to leap towards success?


About Andria Younger

Andria Younger is a renowned Coach and Growth Strategist, specializing in guiding Business Authors. With a robust background as an association meeting planner and COO for a thought leader, Andria possesses a unique dual perspective on the intricacies of building a successful speaking business. Her unique approach has helped authors build 7-figure speaking businesses, win 6-figure contracts, and double their speaking fees. Follow her for tips and advice on LinkedIn.