New Podcast Episode: How and When to Use eBook Promos with Expert Emma Boyer

On this episode, Written Word Media’s Director of Digital Operations Emma Boyer answers the big questions about ebook promotions including what they are, where to run them, how much they cost, and the best ways to promote them.

Emma Boyer is the Director of Digital Operations at Written Word Media, a book promotion company that uses specialized and proprietary data-driven marketing techniques to empower authors and publishers to reach their audiences, and has been working in various capacities in the book publishing industry — from PR to book marketing to consulting — for over 15 years. She holds an MA from Carnegie Mellon University and is very interested in the potential at the intersection of the tech and publishing worlds and is passionate about helping authors find audiences and audiences find books. Learn more at

About Smith Publicity

Smith Publicity is a full-service book marketing firm that partners with authors and publishers to create and execute customized, strategic campaigns designed to generate maximum exposure and sales. With more than two decades of experience and a proven track record of success, Smith Publicity is the go-to partner for authors and publishers who are serious about selling books. Through a comprehensive and customized approach that includes media relations, social media, digital marketing, and more, Smith Publicity has a proven track record of success in generating exposure and sales for its clients. In addition to traditional book publicity campaigns, the firm also specializes in ebook promotion and Amazon bestseller campaigns.