Power Book Publicity Tips for February 2010

Today, we provide you with some easy—and essential—tips to maximize your media exposure.  In this issue:

  • Article: So You Got Some Media Coverage … Now What? 4 Tips to Maximize Your Publicity
  • Tips for Authors — 5 Author Website Essentials

Now is a great time to begin a publicity campaign as the media is settled back in to work after the holiday season and looking for fresh news ideas.  If you’re interested in more information about our services, please let us know!

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So You Got Some Media Coverage … Now What? 4 Tips to Maximize Your Publicity

by Dan Smith


Completing a radio or TV interview is exciting, and seeing your name and book in print is equally thrilling.  You, of course, hope the listeners, viewers or readers will buy your book, and it’s inevitable that some will.

But most of the time, a radio or TV interview will only air once and a print article – especially in a newspaper – is out one day and gone the next.  So, is that all there is? Should you just leave it at that and move on?

No way.  Here are a few ways to maximize the exposure from a broadcast interview or print story to generate even more awareness about you and your book.

1.     Website, website, website.  EVERY print story which mentions you and/or your book should be on your website, with no exceptions except perhaps a negative review.  Most newspapers and magazines have online equivalents which often run the exact same material that’s in print versions.  In these cases, you can easily get the link to your story on your website.  With radio and TV interviews, you can typically ask a producer ahead of time for a copy of the interview.  You can then put a link on your site which either plays the audio of the radio interview or video of TV.  In some cases you may need some technical assistance, but it’s well worth it.

2.     Tell people about your media coverage! Your local newspaper, for example, might be interested to know that you were interviewed on a TV show or completed some radio interviews around the country.  Contrary to what you might think, media can and do get interested in people because other media were interested enough to cover you and your book in the first place. Since most people are never interviewed on TV or appear in a newspaper or magazine, it makes you newsworthy!

Tell your college alumni magazine about it.  Tell the editors of a newsletter produced by your place of worship. If appropriate, tell your boss at work about it.  Again, you have become interesting because a media outlet(s) were interested in you!

3.     Use media exposure as a marketing tool.  If you own your own business, work as a consultant, or work in an industry with trade publications, you can use your book and media coverage as a powerful marketing tool; it can replace your business card.  Media coverage equates to credibility, and credibility makes people want to do business with you.  Use clippings of articles in your collateral marketing materials.  Use “As seen on …” or “heard on…” or “featured in …” in brochures, and list the media outlets.  If you’ve written a book about your field of business, media coverage is the ultimate marketing tool; it will make you stand out from competitors.

4.     If you don’t have a blog, start one and talk about your media coverage.  If you don’t use Twitter, start to and tell people every time you receive media coverage.  The same for Facebook and other social networking sites.  It’s free, and can begin to start a “buzz” about you.

The bottom line: That interview or print story is just the beginning.  If you take the initiative, you can make the 15 minutes of fame last much, much longer, and sell a lot more books.

Tips for Authors: 5 Author Website Essentials


A website is a staple component to any book publicity campaign.  As your publicist works to solicit awareness about you and your project, it is crucial to provide those who are interested with details about your book, background, and purchasing information.  Not only do media contacts often refer to the author website to evaluate the story potential, but consumers are encouraged to visit the website after reading a review or listening to an interview.

Here are 5 components of an author website to help you get started:

1.     Purchasing Information: For most authors, selling books is a top goal.  To encourage sales and for visitor convenience, have a link to buy your book on each page of your website.

2.     Media/Press Page: Once your publicity campaign gets underway and media runs are secured, list the press placements on your website.  Not only will this build you and your book’s credentials, it shows media contacts that you do have a newsworthy story to offer.
Note: If you receive copies of television and radio interviews, embed them in your press page for user convenience. Also, try to include the direct link to magazine, newspaper, and internet articles in which you and/or your book appear.

3.     Author Background: A book comprises half of a publicity campaign and the author the other.  Since you can’t interview a book, it is crucial to provide visitors with a descriptive biography.  This also allows you to highlight some of the topics not related to your book that you feel qualified to discuss on the air or in an interview.

4.     Post Reviews: Show visitors what everyone is talking about!  If you are soliciting reviews from credentialed sources and consumers alike, create a ‘Reviews’ page on the site to give visitors insight into your work through reader feedback.

5.     Build Your Social Network Connections: Did you know over 70% ofadults regularly follow blogs, tweets and user-generated content?  As your network of supporters builds, stay connected with individuals and businesses through social network accounts.  This also helps ground your online presence.  By including links on your website to your blog, and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter account profiles, you’ll encourage visitors to click through and connect!

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