Power Book Publicity Tips for June 2012

In this issue:

  • uPublishU at BEA – What it is and why you should attend!
  • “Pinterest for Authors: How to Promote Your Book on the Fastest Growing Site Ever” by Chris Robley
  • Celebrating 15 Years: Fun Facts about Smith Publicity

About uPublishU at BEA:

uPublishU is a new BookExpo America event focused on educating authors, writers, entrepreneurs and publishing professionals on what to do when they take charge of publishing their book or books! The program has over 30 speakers (including Smith Publicity’s own Sandy Diaz!) focused on cutting to the chase with tips, tactics and insider information on navigating the world of publishing. Learn about ebooks, building an author platform, getting your books discovered on search engines and industry databases, build buzz thru publicity efforts and learn about some great sales opportunities.

This one-day program is scheduled for June 3 at Javits Center in New York City. For $99 you have access to industry speakers and can meet exhibitors who will be able to share information on the services they provide to authors, writers and others heading down the publishing path. For more information and to register for UPublishU, visit http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/Concurrent-Events/DIY-Authors-Conference/#page=page-2.

Join President Sandy Diaz at the “Break Through & Publish YOU: Be In Control—Be Read, Reviewed & Become A Success!” conference session. The session, scheduled for 9 AM in rooms 1E14/1E15/1E16, will be moderated by Christopher Kenneally, Director of Business Development & Author Relations at the Copyright Clearance Center, who will speak about copyright and intellectual property issues. Other panel members include Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, Bob Young, CEO of Lulu.com, and Jenny Pedroza from The Writer’s Coffee Shop, Smith Publicity client and original publisher of the international literary sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Following the session, Sandy will be available to discuss your project and answer questions at the Smith Publicity tabletop display.

Happy reading!


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Pinterest for Authors: How to Promote Your Book on the Fastest Growing Site Ever
by Chris Robley, Marketing Coordinator, BookBaby

Pinterest – isn’t that a website for travel planners, lovers of delectables, and vintage-clothing aficionados? Well, yes; but many authors are finding creative ways to promote their books using the social scrapbooking site too.

10.4 million people currently use Pinterest, and that figure is climbing fast; some data shows that Pinterest is the fastest growing standalone website ever.

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a combination of a digital pin-up board and a scrapbook. It’s a bit like Twitter, only for pictures and videos instead of 140-character tweets. From your Pinterest page you can create different boards for different interests– one for book covers, one for photos of characters in your book, one for pictures of you and your readers, one for photos of your writing desk, etc. Plus, other people can pin things to your page (if you allow them to become “contributors” to a particular board), which encourages more sharing and interaction.

How authors can use Pinterest as a promotional tool

Well, if you’ve spent much time on social networks, you know that shouting “Buy my book!” every couple days is a sure way to annoy your followers. You have to be more subtle, more sideways, more creative. Pinterest is a great way to enhance your author “brand,” build your platform, and create compelling content that supports your book promotion efforts. And since Pinterest users can create unlimited “boards” for each new interest or topic, you’ve got options.

Here are a few ideas:

1) Create a Pinterest board for the main characters or settings in your book. Ask your fans to add photos they think help make those people and places feel real. What does the mysterious hero look like? What about pictures of that icy field where the murder took place? (Note: you’ll have to add these fans individually as “contributors” to that particular board before they can pin their own content to it).

2) Give us a behind the scenes glimpse into your process. Show fans your desk, your typewriter or computer, your wastebasket of discarded poems, the view outside your window, etc.

3) Get aspirational. Where do you want to travel on your book-tour? Where would you love to spend a week writing? Show us the photos! One great example of this is author Priscilla Warner’s Pinterest page. She has a board called “My Dream Writing Studios.” Amazing photos.

4) Ask for inspiration. You can create boards to bring your previously created characters into 2D. But the process can flow the opposite direction, too. What about asking your readers for help when you’re just developing a new story? Are you searching for the right details about pistols to put into your Western? Ask for some photos of old guns.

5) Promote your friends and heroes. Social media followers are turned off by constant self-promotion, but pimping books by other folks can go a long way. You’re giving solid recommendations to your fans, and the writers you promote will be thankful.

Some basic rules for using Pinterest

Again, if you’ve been using Facebook or Twitter for a while, the same general guidelines apply to Pinterest.

1) Stay engaged in the conversation. Don’t just post your own content and call it good. You need to re-pin, like, and comment on other people’s Pinterest content. Follow the Pinterest boards of writers you admire.

2) Put the “P” symbol on your site or blog so your readers will know they can also follow you on Pinterest.

3) Make sure the names of your boards have catchy titles.

4) Large photos are best. Pinterst is all about the visual. Pick great pics.

Chris Robley is the Marketing Coordinator for Book Baby and CD Baby. Based in Portland, Oregon, BookBaby is a small team of authors, bloggers,programmers, and dreamers. We’re dedicated to helping authors make thejourney from composition to publication. BookBaby is the newest additionto a family of business dedicated to helping independent musicians,filmmakers and now authors realize their dreams of self-publishing: CDBaby music distribution, HostBaby web hosting, Disc Makers CDmanufacturing, and now BookBaby for authors and writers! For more information visit http://www.bookbaby.com/.

Smith Publicity Celebrates 15 Years in Business and 1,500 Books Promoted

Launched in 1997 by Dan Smith in a tiny bedroom office with one client, Smith Publicity has enjoyed 15 consecutive years of growth, established offices in New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London, and, in May, celebrated promoting its 1500th book!

We thank our clients, supporters, and industry peers for continued interest in our work.

To kick-off our 15/1500 celebration, here are some of Smith Publicity’s ‘numbers’:

15 – years in business

15 – years of consecutive growth

1500 – publicity campaigns implemented

375 –  total combined years of promotional campaigns

170 – combined years of publicity and marketing experience of staff

120,000 – miles traveled attending book industry trade shows and events

15 story building – height all of books promoted by Smith Publicity if stacked

$3,000 – the retail cost of the most expensive book the agency has promoted

We hope to see you at BEA!


About Smith Publicity

Beginning in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run from a bedroom office to one of the leading book promotion firms in the industry. Fueled by a passion for making good things happen for clients, we’ve worked with over 1,000 individuals and companies—from New York Times Bestsellers to first time, self-published authors in every genre.

The Smith Publicity reach is international; we’ve effectively worked with clients throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K., and from Australia to Israel and Malta. We have offices in New Jersey, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and London.

While our expansion from boutique publicity agency to a multi-faceted public relations firm has greatly expanded the breadth of our services, the fundamental driving force behind everything we do is superior presentation, promotion, and positioning of our clients. Our refrain, “make good things happen for clients,” has propelled Smith Publicity from just another agency to a premier promotional firm offering outstanding, cost-effective service with unparalleled customer attention.

If you’re interested in discussing your project, please contact Corinne Liccketto, corinne@smithpublicity.com, www.smithpublicity.com or 856-489-8654 x309.

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