Book Promotion at Its Best

5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Book

Book promotion might feel to some authors like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Let’s review five unique and powerful ways to promote your book.

1)  Online Advertising: AdWords (paying to appear in the Google search results) can be useful in getting attention for your book. But unless your campaign is flawlessly executed, it might go way above your marketing budget; it’s all about ROI. The best thing to do is come up with ten solid AdWords that relate to your book and which you want to have associated with your book.  Then for a couple of weeks, you want to allocate $5-$10 a day for paid clicks if you can afford it.  (Having someone who knows how to set-up an Adwords campaign to promote a book can make a significant difference.)  Advertising via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can also be helpful, but again, develop a plan that ensures that what you spend is in line with expected results, i.e., book sales. Be sure when you set up your accounts that they all have the same name.  Continuity among platforms is sometimes overlooked, and it can lose you sales.

2)  Guest Blogging: You enjoy writing, so get out there and keep on writing.  Guest blogging to promote a book is an ideal way to put your name in front of new audiences and, at the same time, get your work out there.  Don’t hesitate to have guest bloggers on your site as well.  Having a fresh voice and perspective in your online content is an excellent way to entice readers to keep returning and to bring new readers as well.  As you write new blog posts, be sure to add social media posts about them with links.

3)  Optimize for Amazon: Amazon is the biggest online seller of books, so optimizing your author profile and book searchability will dramatically help you.  The key is making your book as “discoverable” as possible. Create in-depth descriptions to promote yourself and your book. Make sure you have the right tags and keywords that people will search for when looking for a book like yours.  Every word of your profile and description should count. 

4)  Book Tours: Get your name out there.  Book signings or tours (in-person or virtual) are an excellent way for you to meet readers and a unique way to gain potential new readers.  Readers enjoy being able to meet the author of a book in person or directly online.  Interaction with your fan base is an excellent way to keep them loyal and get them talking about you.  One of the best ways to get news about you and your book out is through word of mouth.

5)  Trade Shows: Trade shows are an excellent way to promote your book to potential publishers, book buyers, agents, distributors, and all types of new audiences.  They are also an ideal way to network with other people in your field.  Building connections within your profession or industry helps you to keep up with new trends and changes that are occurring.  You can also help one another by offering to promote each other’s books.

Hopefully, these tips are useful to you and your future career of being an author.  If you’re looking for additional help or information about how to promote your book, then check out book publicity services from Smith Publicity.  The Smith Publicity Way has helped thousands of authors enjoy meaningful media coverage that sparks sales and creates opportunities.